April 1st, 2001

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ugh. went poorly. will continue it tomorrow. got a 1 gig instead of a 900, though.

Going to bed, to dream of my girl...I'm missing her so much and I love her so dearly.

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Scotto does not like April fool's day jokes.

I have been known to go wookie on folks (that I don't love... my brother and girlfriend could probably get away with it, but they're too sweet to do so) that play them on me, or hurt those I love with them. Practical Jokes just aren't funny.

So, fair warning, people of Earth. Don't monkey with me, because I will enforce a karmic retribution so heinous and vile, you'll wonder how I was kept from being locked up for this long.

That is all.

last rant of the season. :)
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Got my drivers, and my supplier should be here in about an hour with the repaired bits...soon I'll have sound, and more access to my machine.

I should be back online by 3ish, 4ish at the latest...it won't be a moment too soon... I've missed my sweetheart so much... haven't talked with her live for over a day, but we've blipped each other e-mail or ICQ.. so I'm not dead from withdrawal... Next time I see her, I'm going to just grab and run... take her to a private place and tell her all the love and desire I have for her...
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I'm pretty agitated... really haven't seen the gal all weekend due to bad timing or tech trouble... I'm physically very antsy and irritable.... I need my fix of her.

on an up note, my machine is mostly up and running now, with the exception of my #2 monitor... I'm going to have to download directx 8, and hope for the best.
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WWF, eat your heart out.

An old newspaper clipping form my days as a midget wrestler... before my growth spurt ruined my career.

ah, sadly the text is lost, but a photo remains. when puberty hit, my body sprouted a bushel of hair (I've had the goatee since infancy...) and I grew another 3 and a half feet inside of a year. Ah well...wrestling is fake and for yahoos anyway. :)

My old gear -

From: Boston, Mass
Entrance: Sorcerer's Apprentice
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 70
Finisher + Description: Spinning Splash. A Snuka type splash with 180 degree rotation.
Style: high flyer
Description: Pointed hat, blue cape, weightlifter tights (all blue with yellow stars), sandals.
Medical: Achondroplasia
Quote:I'm drinking my milk! One day, you'll be sorry!
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