April 4th, 2001

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Well, this is interesting. I hear via the grapevine that my character is being assassinated in private posts by Lakme, and games are being played along the lines of "If you're my friend, you won't be his...".

That sort of stuff is just childish, if that is what's happening. being on the outside of Lakme's journal, and not a part of dotgirl or carrie's journals for quite a while, I don't have the whole story.

Here is my take on it, though, feel free to correct me in polite words if I'm wrong.

Lakme claims that I gave out my password to dotgirl, so she could continue to rea private entries of carrie's. Well, no. I don't give my password out to anyone, unless it's an admin in order to change to a new one. since that's done automatically by LJ, no human has been given it. Now, I'm not calling lakme a liar, because she could just be misinformed.

In all honesty, I do remember enjoying carrie's journal, but there's a lot of fish in the LJ sea, and I really have too many linktos on my friends list anyhow.

I do think it's strange, given Lakme's love of confrontation and combat that she hasn't attacked me publicly with her accusations, which is why I put the disclaimer "grapevine" comment at the front. last conflict I had with her was months ago, about me dropping her from my friends list. I hear that there's some sort of proof, but nobody has seen it. I'll be interested in seeing or hearing what it is, if it exists at all, as I've not done any of what I hear I've been accused of.

Folks who know me, and read both lakme and myself no doubt will see some very real personality differences... I for one, do not delete my journal in an "on-line suicide" in order to get attention from folks that read my journal. I try to work things out, or if that doesn't work, I walk away from the fight, if there's no logic in it.

I don't think of myself as an angry person, or needy for attention. If folks would like to unlink, or link to my page, well, have a nice trip, and welcome aboard respectively. I really don't know the bulk of you folks... most of you are quite nice, friendly, and offer a clever comment or just a friendly wave. I won't be mad if you leave, though. This journal is for me and stuff I find to be fun... you're welcome to visit whenever you like. Longtime linkers here know that my posts are either public or totally private. I think that I've posted probably 5 or so friends only posts, and even then it was pretty much the same as I have here out in public.

This whole "my friend your friend" thing smacks of the politics of high school. Hang with who you want to hang with. Take advice or don't. Good luck with whatever you decide, and I hope you do well.

Just so everyone knows, my journal is staying as long as LJ allows it. People that get outraged with me and my friends are welcome to continue to be so in public or private, but they are not welcome to treat my friends cruelly, unfairly or without kindness.
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I quote from dotgirls reply to my earlier post -

From dotgirl, whom even Lakme claims is not prone to lies -

Scottobear doesn't deserve to be raked across the coals. He's done nothing wrong. Period. If he's ever given anyone his password, it certainly wasn't me.

I'm on hiatus from LJ for a while, but this was called to my attention by some friends, and I wanted to address it. I don't mind sitting by and letting myself be badmouthed, but I'm not about to let it happen to a perfectly innocent person.

As for the clamouring to know who *did* give me the password - I'm sorry, but that is not going to happen. If the person comes forward of their own accord, that's fine, but it is not my right to out anyone.

so, can we let this all drop?
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chat transcript - straightening lakme out.

LakmeKapay (8:11:26 PM): you up for a chat?
BigLug23 (8:11:35 PM): sure.
LakmeKapay (8:12:14 PM): look. dude. I have NOTHING against you. I never even cared about that friends list thing. You were someone totally peripheral to me. But Penny and I were pretty close back then, and she told me flat out it was you who helped her.
BigLug23 (8:12:31 PM): that's fine. but it's untrue.
LakmeKapay (8:12:35 PM): I always thought you were nice and stuff, but ANYONE who would do that to my friend is not cool. you get me?
LakmeKapay (8:12:45 PM): then why couldn't she get the entries after Carrie took you off again?
BigLug23 (8:12:47 PM): I hear you, but I don't do stuff like that.
BigLug23 (8:13:01 PM): it could've been in her cache, before she refreshed...
LakmeKapay (8:13:08 PM): you know, everyone tells me this, and you seem this way.
BigLug23 (8:13:21 PM): I don't know, but I do know I didn't pull any nonsense.
LakmeKapay (8:13:22 PM): then why would she tell me it was you?
BigLug23 (8:13:30 PM): I don't know.
BigLug23 (8:13:44 PM): maybe she misspoke?
LakmeKapay (8:13:46 PM): you don't have a bit of a *problem* with that?
BigLug23 (8:13:59 PM): nope, because I don't know you that well.
LakmeKapay (8:14:00 PM): dude, she literally said it was you who had gotten back on carrie's list and given her the entries.
BigLug23 (8:14:21 PM): unless I can see it, it's a question of her word against yours.
LakmeKapay (8:14:23 PM): I don't know you either. Why would I pull this out of my ass?
LakmeKapay (8:14:48 PM): I honestly don't have it. I deleted her from my ICQ after she broke into the account for the millionth time.
BigLug23 (8:14:49 PM): she's now come out and said it wasn't me.
BigLug23 (8:15:07 PM): why would you trust a stalker over a stranger?
LakmeKapay (8:15:12 PM): how do you know her? you've had her on both your friends list, may I ask?
LakmeKapay (8:15:30 PM): oh, Carrie and I had a fight way back when, and Penny tends to glom onto people she thinks might sympathize.
BigLug23 (8:15:34 PM): yup. I met her through Lj, like 99% of my links.
LakmeKapay (8:16:26 PM): dude. the fbi is now investigating penny's hacking of Carrie's accounts. they are going to check everything. I'll let it drop, but if there is some record of it on your computer or something, I strongly suggest you delete it or you'll have more trouble than you'd wish for, okay?
BigLug23 (8:16:30 PM): I really don't remember exactly, but she's been nice to me. I don't understand the penny/carrie thing, and don't really care to.
BigLug23 (8:16:49 PM): nothing on my machine, so I'm cool.
BigLug23 (8:16:54 PM): I've done nothing wrong.
LakmeKapay (8:17:00 PM): I'm not threatening you, I'm just warning you. Penny is in major shit.
BigLug23 (8:17:15 PM): good. I hope people who commit crimes are punished for them.
LakmeKapay (8:17:19 PM): look. If it wasn't you, I'm sorry. I honestly didn't' say any of this to cause trouble for you.
BigLug23 (8:17:28 PM): it wasn't.
LakmeKapay (8:17:41 PM): but I think you can understand my point of view. if it was me giving out your friends entries, woudln't you want to warn others?
LakmeKapay (8:17:46 PM): this shit gets *scary*
BigLug23 (8:17:57 PM): if I had proof, I'd go to brad about it.
LakmeKapay (8:18:01 PM): penny hacked her entire MACHINE
BigLug23 (8:18:18 PM): well, then why use anones pw? she could use carries own.
LakmeKapay (8:18:35 PM): well there isn't much they can do if you gave her your password, though-if I gave you mine, it would be yours to use too
LakmeKapay (8:18:56 PM): I think she had help in doing it this time. Carrie's had problems with her linex box at work for months and I think Penny finally figured outhow to get in
BigLug23 (8:18:57 PM): all I know is that I've done no wrong, and I've been accused of it. my friends have been treated badly as a result.
LakmeKapay (8:19:06 PM): and carrie hasn't?
BigLug23 (8:19:18 PM): I don't know. 2 wrongs don't make a right.
LakmeKapay (8:19:47 PM): no, but it also isn't fair that someone gave out her entries. and when penny tells me flat out it was you, why wouldn't I worry for Kathleen and Billi?
LakmeKapay (8:20:06 PM): I mean, I was on ICQ when Carrie said "okay, she's trying to get in, and she can't see them now!"
LakmeKapay (8:20:12 PM): literally two minutes after.
BigLug23 (8:20:13 PM): from what I've seen, your form of caring is verbal abuse.
LakmeKapay (8:20:32 PM): oh, I got enough of it on this end, dude. there is plenty you didn't see
BigLug23 (8:20:38 PM): kathleen and billi seem to have been slammed, not cared for.
BigLug23 (8:20:48 PM): I don't doubt that.
LakmeKapay (8:21:40 PM): no, they slammed me right back. I never asked anyone to take sides or to delete you. I was just worried that if they let you see private stuff it also might become a problem. I mean, tell me something. What motivation would I have to lie about this situation?
BigLug23 (8:22:21 PM): I don't know you well enough to establish motive.
LakmeKapay (8:22:47 PM): I have no idea what your motivation for assisting penny for would be either, but again, why would she say it?
BigLug23 (8:22:50 PM): what motive would I have to give out pw?
LakmeKapay (8:23:03 PM): oh, penny's pretty convincing.
BigLug23 (8:23:04 PM): who knows.
LakmeKapay (8:23:15 PM): I spent time talking to her. I know what she can be like.
BigLug23 (8:23:16 PM): Well, I'm not in the habit.
BigLug23 (8:23:29 PM): I don't give stuff like that out, plain and simple.
BigLug23 (8:23:37 PM): I feel you were misinformed.
LakmeKapay (8:23:39 PM): well. I guess I can't say anything else.
LakmeKapay (8:23:54 PM): I'm sorry for offending you, if that counts for anything.
BigLug23 (8:24:01 PM): I hope you get the truth.
LakmeKapay (8:24:04 PM): but really, my only desire was to protect others.
LakmeKapay (8:24:21 PM): I've been lied to by enough assholes on LJ that I get really sick of it, you know?
BigLug23 (8:24:28 PM): that's fine.
BigLug23 (8:24:38 PM): There are a lot of nice folks there too.
LakmeKapay (8:24:53 PM): yeah, well. you try having a journal made up to mock you. that's an awful lot of fun.
BigLug23 (8:25:19 PM): I don't take the opinions of valueless folk very highly.
BigLug23 (8:25:42 PM): I just don't like my friends treated badly.
LakmeKapay (8:25:44 PM): look, dude, you really do seem nice, and I'm sorry. But poor Carrie has been mercilessly harassed.
BigLug23 (8:26:01 PM): Carrie has nothing to do with me.
LakmeKapay (8:26:02 PM): my only intent was to stop the nastiness. really
BigLug23 (8:26:28 PM): next time, just do a little more research... ip tracking, brad.
LakmeKapay (8:26:44 PM): I don't know how to do any of that stuff. Carrie has all the logs, though.
BigLug23 (8:26:48 PM): or tell me... my pw could''ve been hacked.
LakmeKapay (8:26:49 PM): or I do believe she does.
LakmeKapay (8:27:08 PM): yeah, but twice? with you emailing her to get back on? tell me how creepy that looks
BigLug23 (8:27:10 PM): I change it frequently, but who knows the security of LJ.
LakmeKapay (8:27:43 PM): look. I'll say it once more and leave you alone for good, and take my entry down. I'm sorry. It wasn't intended to hurt you.
BigLug23 (8:28:06 PM): feel free to leave it up.
LakmeKapay (8:28:16 PM): whatever. see ya scott.
BigLug23 (8:28:20 PM): seeya.
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