April 13th, 2001

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I am hungry, headachy, wakeful, and heard from my sweetie... I was worried her poor gizzard was going to explode. I'm glad she's feeling a bit better today.

Cooked veggies today. Hooray! :) I wish Cheese was a vegetable. and bread. :) Or rice....

Going to do soup, and salad. :) There's a great veggie soup at the local sub shop... I am really looking forward to grabbing some starches, though... oh, drat.. I think there's noodles in the soup. maybe rethink. *ponderponderponderbrainpoot

Well, I'll figure it out... steamed veggies and some seasoning will set me right, I think. Maybe swing by the deli, and see what's there... hope to avoid butter...

Time will tell. It seems all the wrong folks got worried about my "Get over it" post. Just a minor rant on my part... if you're acting like it's high school, or mope *all the time*, that's what I was talking about.
scotto monkeypulse

(no subject)

Getting ready to take my morning walk. One of the bennies of doing that is a lot of time to think, and clear the cobs.

Since it's Good Friday, my mind will no doubt turn to sacrifice and kindness.. I'm happy that is one of the core beliefs of Christianity... I'm surprised Easter isn't the big holiday, instead of Christmas, for most Christians, really. I suppose it's a different vibe, one that may not be as acceptable? (I think Christmas is great by the way, but maybe #2 in priority) Not many folks are fond of a hero being tortured before winning out, these days, I think. I wonder how many kids understand the brutal aspect of crucifixion and death, and the whole miracle of resurrection. When I was little, seeing Jesus nailed to the cross really wasn't a scary thing, just a decoration, really. I was more interested in the saints, and the stations of the cross, than the results... it wasn't until I was older that I realized that it was a guy in a lot of pain, both emotional and physical, sacrificing himself so that humanity would have a chance. I wonder what the age of most folks who go to church, really understood what that was all about.

Not a lot of Easter specials on TV... a few Peter Cottontail things, and a couple of religious things...but nowhere near the media blitz that Christmas gets.. I suppose it's because it's not as marketable? Not as PC to show a story of violence and tears with a happy ending, maybe.

Thinking on a lot of things like this lately.