April 16th, 2001

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Word of the day -

pulchritude \PUL-kruh-tood; -tyood\, noun:
That quality of appearance which pleases the eye; beauty;
comeliness; grace; loveliness.

also - Attractive moral excellence; moral beauty.

Pulchritude comes from Latin pulchritudo, from pulcher,
"beautiful." The adjective form is pulchritudinous
\pul-kruh-TOOD-n-us; -TYOOD-\.

Can you guess who I'm thinking about? Mix Red & Yellow, and you'll have an Idea.

Piercing our heartes with thy pulchritude. --Court of Love.
scotto monkeypulse

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leitmotif \LYT-moh-teef\, noun:
1. In music drama, a marked melodic phrase or short passage which always accompanies the reappearance of a certain person, situation, abstract idea, or allusion in the course of the play; a sort of musical label.
2. A dominant and recurring theme.

If you've seen peter and the wolf, or watched any good warner brothers cartoons, you've seen a leitmotif in action.

What's your leitmotif? I imagine mine to be a soft-playing brass... french horn and baritone, lapsing from a soft rich set of tones to a goofy, almost circus-like fanfare. (how's that for a roundabout conceit?)
scotto monkeypulse

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1. Get a new recorder... haven't played in a month!
2. Do more writing. Laptop means it's even simpler to do. No excuses.
3. Make a point of getting the network card from Astley, so I can share files, soon.
4. reformat big brain, to allow for dual boot between Me(h) and Red Hat... Can be done, now that Lappie is stable and cool.
5. Get a New Job, already! (Or at least get more paying little contracts... the grove was a boon)
6. Get w/Cathi & Dave, to wish them a happy pregnancy.
7. Get w/Dan, before spring Break is over!
8. Get w/Derek this Sunday, Lunch and a talk, probably.
9. More time with my sweetie. (and continue to tell her how much I love her)

That's a good start. Goal, accomplish at least 4 before next Monday.
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