April 25th, 2001

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hobbledehoy \HAH-bul-dee-hoy\, noun:
An awkward, gawky young fellow.

For early on, girls become aware -- as much from their fathers' anguished bellows of "You're not going out dressed like that, Miss" as from the buffoonish reactions of the spotty hobbledehoys at the end-of-term disco -- of the power of clothes to seduce.
--Jane Shilling, "Soft-centred punk," [1]Times (London), October 27, 2000

His memories, even only reveries, of incomparable women, made me feel like a hulking hobbledehoy.
--Edith Anderson, [2]Love in Exile

When Cole and Bryant each arrived in 1825 (Bryant from New England, Cole from old England via Ohio and Pennsylvania), New York still fit James Fenimore Cooper's description as a "hobbledehoy metropolis, a rag fair sort of a place."
--Tobin Harshaw, "Artists and Writers in a New World," [3]New York Times, November 19, 2000

The origin of hobbledehoy is unknown, though it perhaps derives from hobble, from the awkward movements of a clumsy adolescent.
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age of sexual consent, around the world.

some odd observations... new mexico... legal to have same sex relationships earlier? 17 for opposite sex, 13 for same... I guess the main dilemma is pregnancy, in that case.

13? am I alone in thinking that's a little young for anyone? and in some countries, it's more accepted for a woman to be younger and mate than a man... 12 years for a girl, 17 for a boy, in a few cases.

Not too keen on the purpose of the page (I think it's so horndogs can get away with making out with minors) but the information there is an interesting breakdown.
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I want food. Something with rice. Chinese food, I think. Someone want to come and bring me something yummy?

or at least a tasty and delicious fruit pie?


Hail Thor! :)
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Ugh...where on earth has my writing been?

Jounal, old school Ok... upon reflection, my journal as a writing storehouse as of late has been a huge pile of horse-hockey. I've been having fun, but no real verbiage has leapt from the keyboard to here in far too long. That's going to change as of today. Committed writing time from 8am to at least 9am every morning and make a point of spitting up a good paragraph or more daily.

I've goofed off long enough and work is no excuse, if I'm getting up that early. I've allowed work to distract me from writing far too much... time to bust the brain flab... if I can commit an hour a day to working out the bod, an hour of brain-pumping certainly can't hurt.

There will still be sillies, mind you... and personal entries. Just don't mind me if there's other stuff too. :)
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JournallingWay back when I was gaming semi-regularly, some of my best writing was squeezed out of character backgrounds...small (a story about cancer turned surreal) was one, and the story of piston (a pneumatic man... bionics for the Cthulhu set) was another, and some of what I consider to be my best work.(see links below) Character studies work better for me than actual plots, the stories sometimes (and in RPGs frequently) write themselves around an interesting person or group. my Niche is semi-weirdness, usually with a twist or slightly dark ending. I'm a nice guy, but seem to like seeing the good guy suffer a bit, if he's going to win...(and he usually does, actually... I'm a firm believer in letting goodness win out... eventually)

Good Guys I've written About/Played -(forgive the cornball names and cliches, superheroes, don'tcha know)

Some recurring themes: More human than human, stranger in a strange land (usually time separation), amnesia, private detectives, postwar mind sets, noir.

Chris Olsen (Trism) mid 1990's - time lost soldier from 1938 (abducted at Grover's mill, NJ...taught true movement i.e. teleportation, and returned to earth no older about 60 years later... most of that time was blocked out, but returning slowly... now all his friends are dead or quite old, and the world has changed around him big time.) Sidekicks were Mandy, the new agey bookstore owner/love interest, Leroy the one-armed Vietnam vet, Kyoko the selectively desolid martial artist, and Magneta/Electra the multiple personality ionic onder. (*not* bionic)

Will Piper (miniMax) mid-late 1990s , lost his son to cancer, master of shrinking and growth (a la Henry Pym/Ray Palmer) Light hearted, but driven scientist. fond of gentle solutions to hard problems. quick thinker.

Owen Ng (Sentient Chimp, lab partner to Will) mid-late 1990s - got his intellect from one of Will's experiments... rapid synapse growth and reproduction, communicates via a keypad on his chest, carries a 'splooge-gun' to immobilize targets, and is a whiz at particle physics. The straight man to Will's light humor.

Zed Kelvin (Zero) late 1990s - "Doom patrolly" sort of guy always on body of liquid, able to telekinetically control fluids, and freeze himself to manipulate objects, armor... grant morrison version of Iceman/Zan the wonder twin... keeps a twin pair of koi carp living in his body as pets/dnpcs... half of twins... he was mistaken for water breaking, sis has no known meta-abilities.

Mitch Renfrew - Amnesiac private detective...reborn every morning to a world he can't control, keeps records in a notebook, and huge filing system in his home. take blank slate, groundhogs day, add noir and whisk. First off, no, everything is not okay. But second, everything is cool. a good look at relationships, I think.

Jack Hammer (Piston) mid 1920's, early 30s, effectively immortal, being a machine. seized up and awoke in the 90's after being repaired as there were some plot devices I wanted to try. (see variant on Trism above) he actually had his own journal for a while. "Private detective's Notebook" and all that jazz. (warning... private detectives have potty mouths, and somewhat graphic descriptions) The poor boy is doomed.

Wally Scott (Greenpeace) 1967 (Alan Scott's nephew in an alternate 1960's DC universe.. he got Alan Scott's GL power ring, and used it for hippie stuff... vulnerable to plants, not yellow) lots of cameos of classic silver age supers... fave battle cry "SAVE US, Doctor Fate!"

Ugh, getting large. Maybe a showcase-style presentation is more in order. I'll figure wthich stories to post about later, when I've some time.
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BlatherAm I mean for being happy that the XFL is such a big flop? Between WWF and brain-numbing sit coms... I'm really pretty darn happy that this bit of spongy dung didn't catch the heart of the viewing public.

I'm getting old. Sports on TV rarely holds any appeal for me, unless it's college or at least semi amateur...the professional stuff feels fake, prewritten, preordained. (A big reason why I don't like wrestling... I like my morality plays to have better writing). My eyes seem to land on mostly documentary or historical pieces with the occasional dipping of the toe into x-files or lone gunmen, malcolm in the middle fare. Real world with a lot of surreal elements thrown in seems to work for me in 'drama' but not in sports. Cartoons, heck, they're great, especially when they're not trying to sell me anything. Angry Beavers, Sponge Bob, classic Bugs & Daffy... beautiful stuff, and I could watch it over and over, despite knowing all the words and images. Only Reality TV that tickles my fancy is COPS... I'm one of 5 people on earth who could care less about survivor, chain me up charlie (or whatever), or real world has anything happening there. even to annoy the geek factor out there, I've not really enjoyed (and therefore not watched) star trek loyally for years. I'll poke my nose in, watch for 15 minutes every now and then, remember how bad the writing and acting is, and take off.

I haven't watched plain ol' saturday morning cartoons in ages.. nick has me... spongebob. (wild thornberries aren't bad either!) and I wish they'd get the beavers back... I don't overly love catdog, but it's good filler.

I don't think there's enough tv of value to warrant getting a tivo... but maybe I'd feel differently if I had one... get all the junk I want at once, in one place, instead of tripping over it. slurp up old episodes of red dwarf... freakazoid, beavers during the week... all things I could do now, but I'm too lazy to set the vcr to do.

ramble over for now... nothing really to see here.
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This just in!!
Daizee sent me a cute little goodie pack! teeny tiny farm animals!

a note on chococat paper and in a n envelope - a rooster, a bunny, a piggie, and a horsie! plus a cool milk-ring for newt! :) Newtie says Thank you very much, and is chasing it right now!

Aww... my sis is sweet! Nothing says hi like miniature farm animals! Yayyyyyy!! Thank you!!

I shall play with these in good health!

added bonus! he's fetching! bringing the ring back for me to throw... he hasn't retrieved in weeks! Yay!! now I know to uses smaller objects! I bet it smells like the kitties, too.