April 29th, 2001

Kind lady

Just being nosey...

Do you have a web cam?

No, but I like to watch 'em
No, they're not my thing.

What's the address of yours, or your favorite one?

Do you use pop up-type banners on your homepage?

Yes! They're a wonderful thing!
Yes, I need the money
Yes, my host is a big pain in the neck and forces it, but it's free!
No, they're one of the most evil things on the 'net, and I'll have no part of it!
I don't have a homepage
What's a pop up?

What's the address of your homepage?(or your favorite one, if you like)

Nosey mode over. :)
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Kind lady

naughty news - lots of breasts, a bunghole, creed and a mime....(the things people send me...)

A new ointment containing diltiazem--a drug used to treat chest pain and high blood pressure--effectively relieves anal fissures, small tears in the lining of the anus that can cause pain, bleeding and itching.

I wonder if it can do anything about micromanaging bosses?

Free Boobies Make Women Soldiers Happy - Men Ain't So Upset Either

The Army has paid for a handful of female soldiers to have breast enlargements to make them happier, the Ministry of Defence has said.
A spokesman said that four women had received breast-enhancing surgery at one military hospital since the start of last year, and the total number is likely to be higher.


Breasts Enlarged to 40DD -- Without Permission

A California Appeals Court has upheld a jury's decision to give a woman $1.08 million because a doctor surgically enlarged her breasts without her permission, but the woman has decided against getting the operation reversed because she no longer trusts doctors.

Get A Boob Job, More Risk of Suicide

Women who get breast implants may be at increased risk of brain cancer and suicide, according to results of a study by the National Cancer Institute.

Woman Killed By Amateur Boob-Job

Two factors drew 36-year-old Thi Hanh Lan Tran to an unlikely surgical facility at the back of a dingy downtown Toronto rooming house last month: The price for the operations was about 30 per cent lower than at an accredited clinic, and the so-called surgeon spoke Ms. Tran's native tongue, Vietnamese.

Yesterday, Toronto Police Detective Alan MacDonald observed that several women who attended Ms. Tran's funeral in March had visible scars from recent plastic surgery on their faces. Police suspect that, like Ms. Tran, many of those women had been patients of Minh Tam Thi Le, 36, who came to Canada last October on a student visa to study hairdressing.

Mime Becomes Spokesman

Marcel Marceau, known around the world for his silent portrayal of a sad white-faced clown with a tall, battered hat, was chosen by the United Nations (news - web sites) Wednesday as a spokesman for the older generation.
For world peace - we finally found a scapegoat we could all agree on.

Sissy Gets Beaten By Creed Lead Singer

Creed singer Scott Stapp allegedly threw punches at a clubgoer who heckled him on Sunday (April 22) night at a St. Augustine, Florida nightclub. According to published reports, the man egged Stapp on, saying, "You should've stuck with Pearl Jam." The agitated vocalist then reportedly yelled back, "You want to disrespect me?" to which the patron replied, "You're not a superstar." It was then, reports say, that Stapp hit the man, giving him a bloody lip and black eye.
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cool- from LJ dev -
The master plan.
by bradfitz on April 28th 2001, 23:55
I'm going to attempt to explain everything that's been in my head the past few weeks and what I want LJ to be like in the next month or so.

First, consider the log table. It's almost 3 gig now, and it's structured like crap, I know realize.

The index is on (ownerid, posterid). Ownerid should really be called "journalid" to be more consistent. Owner was used before community journals when I started using journalid more.

The problem with that index is that it only lets you quickly get at entries when you know either the ownerid, or both the ownerid and posterid (prefix matching on indexes, ya know?)

So, if I want to ask LJ to show me all of my journal entries I've posted anywhere, it can't. Pathetic.

Also... I can't post an entry to multiple communities at once (ala newsgroups). Pathetic

See what I'm getting at here?

There's an ALTER TABLE coming up for the 2.7 gig log table. Oh boy.

It's going to be split into two tables... one holding items, and one keeping track of what items are in what journals.

I'll probably have to write some script to do the import slowly over a long period of time ... it's going to be a pain. But while we're at it, we can delete old journals, and we can start compressing old, long journal entries. Dormando is going to write me a UDF function for MySQL that wraps zlib.

So, we do that and then we can cross-post to journals, and we can quickly find ever entry you've posted.

Then, I want to be able to give journal entries unique character names, to be exported into the URL namespace. Think: http://www.livejournal.com/~bradfitz/new_years_eve_2001

Then, I want to be able to list relationships between nodes (er, journal entires). So I can have a "class schedules" node that has children for each quarter I was in college, and my schedule then.

See--- journal entries no longer have to be attached to a journal. :-)

Basically, I want to give every LJ user and community their own everything2 site, journal, and collaboration tools.

Then, I want to build a kick-ass website to replace my old and stale bradfitz.com, using only livejournal.

end Quote

How frickin' cool is that?

Malcolm in 30... X in 60... Hope my sweetie didn't fall asleep!

Ah well...if she did, I'll give her a morning update. *hugs & smoochies to her, and hugs to everyone else who'd like one... seeya!
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crossposted to the hut

This on the Museum of Menstruation, posted in the news

quote -

Dear Mr. Finley,
I've been a fan of mum.org for quite a while. I've even mentioned your site in my online journal several times. A wonderful friend of mine, who happens to be a man, started a community journal, which by now has over a hundred contributors, that anybody could join called "The Menstrual Hut." I thought it might be something interesting for you to read in light of your museum (which I hope you open soon since I'm a Maryland resident). Anyway, if your interested, the url is: http://www.livejournal.com/users/menstrualhut/
I hope you keep adding more and more to your site.

It's wonderful. [Many thanks!]

Scotto's (the guy who started this project) personal journal: http://scottobear.livejournal.com


How cool is that?? *happy

I hope this means the hut will get more traffic!