May 4th, 2001

scotto monkeypulse


Come and daaaaance with me....

{love permeates my body... }

*gestures to my sleeping sweetheart....


ok.. really going to bed.. :)
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scotto monkeypulse

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ullage (UL-ij) noun

The amount of liquid by which a container falls short of being full, or The amount of liquid within a container that is lost, as by leakage, during shipment or storage.

[Middle English ulage, from Old French eullage, from eullier, to fill a cask, (from ouil eye, hole, from Latin oculus eye).]
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sketchzilla! Fun!

my fun time waster du jour -

Sketchzilla is intended as a public interactive graffiti space. The following pages contain unfiltered user contributions. Please feel free to tag the pages yourself at any time. To do so, click on one of the small pellets next to whatever it is you wish to change, and then you'll see a space to input text, links, or URLs of images on the web... once you've done that, click the sketchzilla button and it's there for all the world to see. Note that html tags are still fully functional on these pages. Have fun and spread the word!
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(no subject)

Found out how to post messages in the past or the future... without them bubbling to the present...

allows for it by checking the backdate function, so *NO MORE POSTS* from my three month old written journals.

(I was posting them private, then unpravating after about 50 or so of my messages went by, to spare folks 'flood from the past'.)

from lj-dev

New meta-data for posts: opt_backdated, a bool.

If set, post won't show on friends views or your main page (not inserted into hints table). Also, if you set it when editing an old post (if you forgot to set it when posting originally), then it'll delete the row from the hints table, so it'll be removed from friends views (which is what the user would expect).

Client authors ... want to add this? The full update web page has it.

(this has been a very commonly requested feature)