May 5th, 2001

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I'm in South Florida!

today is May 5!

How'd I miss Cinco de Mayo?? eeek..thanks christin for reminding me why the traffic will be bad, hear party music and I'll smell yummy food when out!
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some news, before I get on my chores

The Tokyo Panda Killer - Or Death Furry
"Student Mayumi Ogawa, 19, was stabbed to death by an attacker wearing
a panda's head costume in Sumida Park.
Hours earlier another young woman escaped from a man wearing the same
disguise after he lunged at her with a knife."

Michigan Police Raise Gas Prices
The Marathon service station in Iron Mountain, Mich., flexed its
capitalist muscle Wednesday by lowering gas prices to nearly 20 cents below
its nearest competitor, only to be squelched by local police who
eventually told station officials to raise the price of gas or shut down,
according to the Iron Mountain Daily News.

Genetically Altered Babies Born
Scientists have confirmed that the first genetically altered humans
have been born and are healthy

Man Imprisoned 30 Years for Crime FBI Knew He Didn't Commit
Representatives on the House Government Reform Committee showed a rare
display of emotion on Thursday, as they heard the story of a man who
spent 30 years in prison for a crime the FBI knew he did not commit.,2933,21095,00.html

Some Still Reads The Comic BC
The largest newspaper in New Jersey will no longer run the "B.C." comic
strip because of an Easter Sunday strip that depicted a menorah
transforming into a cross, angering Jewish groups.

Man Borrows Penis For Drug Test
A 36-year-old Cleveland man attempting to avoid punishment for dirty
urine modified a sex toy to make it deliver urine that came from a
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Time out from chores.... ack!!!

Who put the air and sea show on cinco de mayo? Aieeee much traffic.

ok.. what's on my plate for today?

laundry done, including nice fresh bedding... ahhh... tempting. Bonus, got walkies in while the laundry ran... clocked 45 min of solid walk/brisk walk in the fresh air and sunshine. :)

What's left?

general Clutter removal (big time... I've been a slob this week)

litterbox duty

time out for fun!

newty play time

Time in for chores again!


Chores end

aok time?

Sweetie lovin' time?

Get some more bucky fuller reading in.

ah well, enough procrastinating, back to work, Scotto!
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Ok...mild headache, so I'm not in the mood to read bucky right now, or write anything either... Newt's all played out, and my beloved isn't on-line...

What to do?

I guess lunch, I'm not too hungry, but maybe it'll fend off my noggin-ache.

What's with the remakes and sequels? Rollerball? Americam Pie 2? Rush Hour 2? Crocodile Dundee 3?? I hear rumors of Jason X, and Stuart little 2, as well..I guess it's easer to milk a franchise then come up with risky creative thought.

Don't get me wrong.. I'm all for the New Planet of the Apes flick..jay and silent bob strike back.and the Mummy thing, but I'm more enthused about the new stuff that's coming out... Shreck, for example. :)

Oh, I know! I'll do a poll!