May 6th, 2001

Kind lady


Well, my thought of going out with my brother today are dashed upon the rocks of the ft lauderdale airshow... so many people, so much traffic... by the time we could get together, it would be time to leave.

So, instead, I'm going to go see The Caveman's Valentine.

And, if it's not the thing, then I'll hit Mummy 2, electric boogaloo.
Kind lady

My hidden Shame...

I've never really given Newt a middle name. The closest I've ever come is to give him a middle initial... J. (True cartoon in Bullwinkle J Moose, Bartholomew J Simpson, etc.)

So it comes down to this... I'm looking to see what a popular middle name for ol' Newtie might be. (Before, as sweetalyssm says, the other cats ask, and he doesn't know what to say...we don't want Newt laughed at!)

What do you like for Newton's Middle Name?


Some other one? Lay it on me!

Kind lady

riding the emode career train...

found here -

Scotto, you're an Architect
For you, the world is like one giant puzzle, just waiting to be solved. In your undying quest for the truth, you're best at finding solutions to complex problems. Lucky for all of us, though, you love to share your brilliant thoughts. Your keen analytical skills and understanding of others makes you a vital player in the think tank. You thrive on the collaborative problem-solving process, could trouble shoot for NASA, and won't rest until the questions are answered. The world could use a few more like you.

Who's like you:
Sigmund Freud

Likely careers:
Psychologist, lawyer, market researcher, military strategist, PR strategist

Your motivation rating: 5-7

You're Balanced. You know how to juggle your personal and professional life, without getting too caught in the middle. You're not married to you job, and your family and friends probably appreciate that fact. You put your best effort into succeeding at work without letting it take over your life.

Your leadership style rating: 1-4

You're a Traditionalist. You take baby steps toward new ideas and prefer to follow the tried and true methods. You have a skeptical mind and know better than rushing into untested waters. Changes should be implemented slowly and carefully. Put in a position of leadership, you're likely to take a cautious and democratic approach and make sure that everyone is satisfied.

Your conflict style rating: 8-10I disagree, but only to a point.

You're an Aggressor. You're the charging bull of the office arena, ready to make a fight out of any issue. You tend to say what's on your mind, no matter what the circumstance. Although people tend to respect your forceful opinions, confrontation is not always the best path to problem solving. A little diplomacy goes a long way in office politics.
Kind lady

Fiction writing exercises to do in the future.

In one page, say everything important there is to say about the world. (If you had only one page to fill with everything vital, urgent and necessary that you know/feel/suspect, what would that page be? Of the world as you have experienced it, what is absolutely crucial to report?)

Write a story containing no living things.

Do a false expert piece, in which your narrator holds forth, incorrectly but with authority, on a subject of which you have little information.

Write a story with no use of metaphor, simile, or comparison. Attach no value or interpretation to any of your statements. Determine if there is a way to create meaning without naming it.

Describe a photograph (a frozen instant of time) and attempt to give it movement and tension. Don't mention that it is a photograph, simply treat the photo as if it's the fictional world you're developing. Most importantly, don't allow things to advance in time. Keep to a single moment.

Write 15 first sentences for potentially great stories.

Write a first person story from the perspective of someone entirely opposite from you. The idea here is to get out of yourself and empathise with a character foreign to you.

Write a story in a genre that you know nothing about, or that you don't much like (mystery, romance, sci-fi, etc.)

Inhabit the perspective of someone that you despise, and try to write a convincing fiction.

Write a short story that covers a great deal of time (many years in the life of one person, or hundreds of years in the life of a town, etc.).

Tell one story from several different points of view. Every perspective of the same event has its own dramatic and narrative possibilities. Make a fiction that explores these possibilities.