May 7th, 2001

scotto monkeypulse


We can't use EMBED for anything in posts anymore?

Is there another way aside from embed to simple put a flash animation in *my* journal??

I guess from now on it'll just be a link, that folks will have to click on to get to. :( I'm disappointed in the html cleaner.

What's next to go?

*kicks a can, and goes to take a shower & a walk.
scotto monkeypulse

(no subject)

The room is small ...a studio apartment with one room, save for a miniscule bathroom, and an even more tiny closet. Real and simulated wood covers the walls, paneling that went out of style in the mid 1970's sometime... tan window shades. Brown industrial short carpet on the floor, only the portals to elsewhere are colored differently; brushed metal aluminum leading to the outside and the ones painted white boxing off the earlier mentioned indoor spaces. Earthy colors abound, light brown and gold formica on the floor of the bathroom, a deep chocolate mini fridge and a mid-tone dresser. Even the tiny microwave oven has a wood-grain print on it...It is obvious that a man, possibly a student lives there, as none of the colors quite match and have made the place take on a feeling of a dormitory.

continued later -
scotto monkeypulse

balmy out

I got my walkies in today, but only a soft-core attempt at my writing...too much work to do, too little time to focus. Virtually no time to read LJ I'm taking my book with me tomorrow on the walk, see if I can't kill two birds with one stone.

It's growing late, Chinese food on the way, and the window are open, allowing a lovely, humid but balmy breeze to blow through, bringing a light and cooling rain along for the ride.

I've not heard from my dear heart since this morning... I'd wager she's partaking of a deep Nyquil-induced slumber, and I'll join her in dreamland, shortly. You know, I love that girl more than I can say... there's a writing idea in and of itself... express the undying desire and happiness I have, thanks to her being in my life. Yum. Lodged in my heart, I'm cradling the thought of her now, cherishing it. She is a wonderful woman.

G'nite, LJ!