May 17th, 2001

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Adipocere..... feared, loathed, and misunderstood by mankind for thousands of years. A little-known by-product of the advanced decomposition of dead human bodies, adipocere is a mystery to all whom first encounter it.
here is the NUMBER ONE site exclusively about adipocere on the web. Their aim is to make adipocere (also known as grave wax or mortuary fat), better understood, less feared, and more appreciated for the natural and scientifically useful substance that it really is.
Check the web site out:

warning, it has photos of a graphic nature after the cover page.

This stuff is fascinating. from environmental aspects to exploding caskets.
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I'm not a goth, but this stuff is still neato.

ideas garnered by talking to my sweetheart, and reading today.

adipocere (wet & dry)

stages of decomposition
Cooling, Rigor Mortis, Post Mortem Lividity, Putrefaction(yucka), Adipocere, Mummification, Maceration, Vitreous potassium

"incorruptable saints" - "iceman", peat bog mummies

modern civilization likely has been possible partly because of adipocere- it is theorized that a significant portion of the world's petroleum owes as it's source, the soapy, waxy, cheeselike substance. (oil, coal, natural gas.... thanks, corpses!)

Things you can make with waxy fluid remains -

Soap, candles, sealing wax, media for artwork, lubricating grease for axles.. (offshot to - lip gloss, floor wax, car polish, wood polish... )
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I love a woman that's got an amazing capacity for discovery, information gathering, and swell know how. She's sweet, brilliant, beautiful, giving, and sexy as all get out.

I am a lucky man.
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bedtime memory...

A number of years ago, (when I was about fourteen,I think) I went to visit a friend, but got slightly lost along the way - I'd never been to their house before, and they lived a far way from the bus stop. So I'm wandering, and I grab a sandwich and Coke from a service station.

As I wander, I find myself walking through a gated community - one without gates on the main street, but gates on the houses and side streets. I'm trying to find a bin for my trash, but there isn't one. Anywhere. Because, I realized, such things are only for people who don't live in the compound. And if you don't live there, YOU AREN'T WELCOME.

And there's no-one visible, and there are these little plastic turrets on each corner, and I'm still lost, and, and...

I almost had a panic attack, and this utter conviction that at any moment, a black van would pull up beside me, and men in faceless black helmets would pull me inside and I'd never be seen again.

Found my friend's place 10 minutes later, a few blocks past the compound.

It was one of the most frightening moments of my life. I felt as if I was an invader, a stranger, and that nobody would want to help me.

end memory

I have no idea what brought that to mind. I do know that I still really don't enjoy gated communities.
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I just read over on Cinescapethat Sandra Bullock is the number one candidate to play Wonder Woman... That's just WRONG!

Poll #929 Scotto Cartoon Movie

If they were casting a live-action cartoon/comic book movie.... who would you be cast as?

And now... good night.