May 19th, 2001

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My baby vanished, so I guess no is as good a time as any to gather my laundry and to do it.

Hope LJ gets better soon!
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I feel unattractive today. Sort of rough around the edges. Despite this, I'm going to reactivate newt cam via the laptop, for how long, nobody knows. :) Tweaking chillcam to plop my desktop into the achives every 10 min or so too.

A nap might do me some good.
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My poor sweetie's machine must've fallen down.

I hope she comes back! ( we've had two games of AOK crud out on us)

In other news, still no machine, and no word from Astley since 9:30 am... but ?I've been pestering him. My last call, a 1 minute talk into his voice mail was pretty terse... he knows now beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's in deep dung.

I'm not really mad, but I am so disappointed in him. Not much I can do about it... I'm just going to go to his place, pick up my machine, and demand my money back. It was a simple fix, and I could've done it myself 17 times over. (My whole reason for him to do it was cheaper hardware prices and he'd hook it up... well...the cheaper hardware seems to be defective, as does the installer.)

If I didn't have the laptop, I'd be so steamed... thank goodness for that. I know now not to use him again.