May 28th, 2001

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obstreperous \ub-STREP-ur-us; ob-\, adjective:
1. Noisily and stubbornly defiant; unruly.
2. Noisy, clamorous, or boisterous.

(My Sweetie was obstreperous as a child... closer to definition number 2. )

Obstreperous derives from Latin obstrepere, "to make a noise, to clamor at or against; hence, to disturb, to interrupt by clamor," from ob-, "toward, against" + strepere, "to make a loud noise."
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Memorial Day

Taking a shard of time to remember, honor and thank all the good people who came before. I don't mean honoring war, but those that died in those conflicts and wars. I'm sort of extending the idea to all those that helped make the world a better place, or fought in the war of life, too. I'm very thankful that I'm of a generation that didn't have to fight a war for freedom, owed largely in part by the generation immediately before...for that I'm thankful.

Regarding a moment of remembrance -

Take a Moment to Remember those Americans who gave their lives in service to their country

This Memorial Day, please pause with Americans at home and abroad to honor the men and women who died so that we might enjoy the gift of freedom. Let us never forget their sacrifice.

At 3:00 p.m., simply stop what you are doing and think for one minute about those who died for your freedom. If you are driving, turn on your vehicle's headlights.

As you participate in the National Moment of Remembrance, you are helping reclaim Memorial Day for the noble purpose for which it was established—to honor those who died in service to our Nation. Join with the White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance in honoring those who have died and their families. It is a minute of reflection that everyone can spare.

One Minute
Memorial Day
Monday, May 28, 2001
3:00 p.m. (local time)
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launchcast, why have ye forsaken me?

What happened to launchcast? :( just a couple of radio stations, now?

at least the all access live music part is still keeno. (and I still have access to my other custom radio on

Listen To My Station

My Sonicnet Music Station

but that station still needs tweaking. ah well, it'll do. (I liked the other one better because you had more fine tune control... I love frank sinatra, but hate the song 'love and marriage' since married with children came on the air.)...
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    The Battle of Evermore - Led Zeppelin
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We who are about to die, salute you!

Getting ready to make my system dual boot again...(linux, I've missed ya!)

Abandoning red hat and slackware for Nomad.

I wonder if I'm doing the right thing... ah well, worst comes to worst, I can just wipe and begin fresh (yay for mirrored hard drives!)

Besides, Encap makes stuff work really smoothly. (well, more smooth than not.)

Wish Me luck!

note to self -

configure --prefix=/usr/local/encap/packagename
make install
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Harmony Review

Ah... nomad looks good, running like a top.

The lj client for windows is still much, much nicer, though.

Went to the grocery store, and got a sample box of Harmony. (A vanilla-tofu cereal targeted to women. No, really!!) I figured that If I'm in touch enough with my feminine side to start the menstrualhut community, I can have a sample-size box of this stuff. From the package design -- soft shades of light blue and yellow -- to the key nutrients, the cereal is designed with women in mind. The female silhouette above the product name is reaching, General Mills says, for balance -- or harmony -- in her life.

I notice the net is surprisingly fee of pictures of the box!
Here's sort of a shot -
Marsh Engle, founder of the Amazing Woman's Day celebration, placed a card with her own words of inspiration on the Harmony Wisdom Wall in Seattle. The Wall, on display this weekend in 10 cities, is an interactive exhibit that invites women to share their favorite words of wisdom, from quotes to song lyrics to good advice. For the first 2500 cards filled out in each city, Harmony cereal will donate $1 to charity.

Say, is it me, or does that wisdom wall look like a bathroom?

Anyway, here goes. It's Yummy! Much sweeter than I'd thought it might be...tasty and deals with milk ok. Vanilla-ish, as opposed to "MEGA VANILLA FLAVOR BOOOOM". Sort of Vanilla Wheat Flakes with little nutty cluster thingies. (No honey flavor. though... I thought honey and nuts were required to hold hands? Perhaps that's my cheerios indoctrination showing. ) I heard another review of the stuff, and I do agree... "Rice Crispie Treats and Aluminum Foil". The aftertaste needs work. You know that feeling you get in your mouth after you eat a multi-vitamin? That sort of tinny taste? You get that after. Bleah. But, it goes away after you take another rmouthful.... until you was it down. then Bleah again... Maybe I'm hypersensitive though.. (I'm one of those picky people that can tell you if the coke I'm drinking was made with sugar or corn syrup this week). Just so you know.. A 1 1/4-cup serving of Harmony provides 100 percent of a woman's daily recommended intake of folic acid and Vitamin E, 60 percent of the recommended calcium and half of the recommended iron and Vitamin C, plus 2 grams of soy protein... so I have that covered!

From the package design -- soft shades of light blue and yellow -- to the key nutrients, the cereal is designed with women in mind. The female silhouette above the product name is reaching, General Mills says, for balance -- or harmony -- in her life. Checked the side of the box against my half-empty total turns out that Total has way more calcium, iron and vitamin C than Harmony, and it has equal amounts of folic acid and vitamin E. And Total has just 110 calories per serving, compared to Harmony's 200 calories.

So, I wonder if the people that buy it know that it's bigger on the hips...antioxidants, soy, calcium, iron and folic acid are all "hot" right now, so General Mills wanted to jump on that bandwagon. How ironic that if a woman chooses the cereal targeted at her, she's missing the chance to eat an even more enriched cereal from the same manufacturer! Stupid marketing.

(Honestly, If I'm going to have a general mills cereal, lucky charms is my fave sweetened junk food cereal of theirs.. or monster cereals! MMMMmmM Frankenberry. )
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My Favorite Simpsons is on.

Hank Scorpio is my idea of a great supervillian!

Farewell, Mister Bunt! for more about my hero. (Kodos and Kang take a close second.)

Thinking about classic science fiction now.

Five things I want from the 1950s/60s idea of 2001.

A personal Jetpack!

Food Pills that meet all my health needs.

Giant rubbery monsters isolated on a distant Japanese island that mete out environmental justice on those who would defile nature.

Radiation that Gives me Superpowers, with no bad side effects!

A society where man is free to explore his own personal growth, unencumbered by monetary needs of giant evil corporations in a friendly, kind one world government.

Really... I'd settle for the Jetpack.
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Vegan Worcestershire Sauce recipe

Vegan Worcestershire Sauce


  • 6 Tablespoons water
  • 4 Tablespoons tarmari soy sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 6 Tablespoons apple juice concentrate or brown rice syrup
  • 1 teaspoon blackstrap molasses
  • 1 teaspoon powdered ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
  • a pinch of onion powder
  • a pinch of powdered cloves or pumpkin pie spice

Blend all ingredients. You can do this in a blender, with an electric hand mixer, or an egg beater, or if you don't own any of these, just put everything in a jar or container with a tight-fitting lid and shake, until it's well blended. Store in the refrigerator, and use as called for in your favorite recipes.

Serves: 1 Cup

Preparation time: 15 mins