June 4th, 2001

scotto monkeypulse

Roles I've filled in life. (Not in any kind of order, not all in an official capacity))

Creating list, everything I can think of in 5 minutes. and... go!

Kindly older brother
Karmic Enforcer
Santa's Helper
The Only Voice of Reason
Anonymous Benefactor
Anonymous Malefactor
Secret Admirer
Choir Boy
Boy Scout
Taxi Driver
Homeless Man
scotto monkeypulse

evil news returns

Having Your Employer Pay for Your Hookers
UA police are investigating John C. Buckingham Jr., the former head of the graduate business program, for allegedly using university money to pay for escort services while on business trips.

Some Kind Of Major Malfunction
Police say that a drill instruction has been brutally beaten by a teenager that he was trying to help. The alleged beating happened at the "Boot Camp" in Martin County near the sheriff's office.

Attack Of The Killer Vacation
A Colorado newspaper reporter, one day into a hard-earned vacation with his girlfriend, died after being struck by lightning on Fort Lauderdale beach Saturday afternoon, according to police and rescue officials.

Rules are made for a Reason.
Because it puts them at greater risk of being harmed, police officers in this state are trained not to reach inside cars they have pulled over. Still, Seattle police Officer Greg Neubert reached into the white Cadillac he and his partner had stopped for erratic driving late Thursday.
Neubert, police say, was going after a license that Aaron Roberts, the driver of the Cadillac, had offered and then withdrawn. Roberts, an escaped felon with a history of drug addiction, is believed to have been baiting Neubert.When Neubert, who is white, reached in for the license, police say Roberts, who was black, gunned the Cadillac forward and began dragging the officer along 23rd Avenue near East Union Street. The dragging stopped when Neubert's partner, Craig Price, who is also white, fatally shot Roberts.

Wacky Prank, results in much trouble
Inserting strong-bonding glue into the locks of 50 doors in the high school got Matthew Wien, Jeremy Umansky and Michael Powidel suspended. They missed both their prom and graduation. But the youths, all 18, also face serious adult vandalism charges. "This is a case of not knowing the consequences of what you do," said Solon police Lt. Chris Viland. "These poor kids are looking at a felony record."

Smart Dealing Teen
A 14-year-old south Fort Myers girl is accused of taking $1,300 worth of jewelry from her mother and pawning it for $73 so she and her friends could go to New York.

We Still Have To Wait For Space Porn
Cosmonauts claim that it is forbidden to have sex in space.
"A lot of different commissions -- moral, ethical and medical ones -- that were discussing this, finally ruled that one must not do it so far, because the consequences are unknown for those who would be born," Cosmonaut Talgat Musabayev said in an interview published in the Friday edition of Rossiiskaya Gazeta.
Musabayev also gave a negative answer when asked whether anybody has ever had sex in space. "Definitely not, although there is a lot of idle talk around this," he said.
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(no subject)

If I was part of a UFO/supernatural investigation team, I don't think it'd be Men in Black. Odds are better that it'd be a part of-

"Men in Forest Green"
"Men in Deep Blue"
"Men in Light-colored tropical prints"
"Men in Tie-Dye & Khakis"
"Men in Comfortable T-shirts"
"Men without Hats" (Does the SAFETY DANCE)
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(no subject)

Going for walkies, then a shower.

I find myself wondering what being a hobo with Newton would've been like in the 1930's. Pondering what my hobo name would've been. "Man-Mountain" Scotto? (With my back, and medicine at the time, maybe 'Corkscrew Scott' is more likely.)

update - 9:10am

Bleah... to hot and steamy already for a long walk. 20 minutes was enough. Showering now! It's like walking in crisco soup out there, evaporating puddles in the sun.
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(no subject)

Packing a sack lunch. four slices of thick wheat bread, a tiny jar of honey, a container of peanut butter, a banana, two bottles of ibc root beer. (I like to assemble my sammiches fresh... honey gets weird if left on bread too long.)

Wondering where my sweetie is..I want to hear her dreams, how she's doing... I had dreamt of her last night, knights and ladies, feasts and tents.. good comfy stuff.