June 8th, 2001

scotto monkeypulse

word of the day

argus (AHR-guhs) noun

An alert and observant person; a watchful guardian.

[From Greek mythology. After Argus, a giant with 100 eyes who was sent to watch over Io. He was later killed by Hermes and after his death his eyes transformed into spots on the peacock's tail.]
scotto monkeypulse

Recently brought to my attention

My curent favorite crackpot theory is the glass cathedrals on the moon. Apparently there's a whole bunch of people who believe that some mysterious force has built these tremendous buildings out of glass (or some other transparent material) on the surface of the moon. As evidence they offer pictures from the various moon landings, and point out faint lines and mysterious reflections. The government is, of course, covering this up. They cover up *all* of the good stuff.

In other news...

Egad, Jay Forman's account of monkeyfishing made my skin crawl. (It's not for the sqeamish, mind you, as it's just what it sounds like it is.)

Here's something new and potentially illegal and undoubtedly annoying, Microsoft's next version of Internet Explorer will insert new hyperlinks on Web pages where no hyperlinks existed in the first place.

The so-called Smart Tags recognize certain words or phrases and check them against a database of other words and phrases (owned by Microsoft and sold to the highest bidder) and create instant links on any Web page.

The good news is that the function ships in the product turned off, and Microsoft will provide site owners with code to disable Smart Tags. The bad news is this is Microsoft we're talking about, a company you can trust just about as far as they can buy you outright and kill your technology.
scotto monkeypulse

hm....a flash from the past... digging up old pics off of the hard drive.

Who Farted? I know, cheap joke... but who really reads my alt-text, anyway? I'm interested.. if you did read it, comment, please?

Back in the good old days, I read comic books. Please note. READ comics. Not Collect. I'm one of the people that enjoys just reading 'em, and swapping them with other folks. That "put it in mylar, and attempt to sell it 30 years from now" deal is sort of silly. (also, sort of futile... the comic speculation market has really had the bottom fall out of it. Sorry, if you were holding onto that copy of "Spawn meets The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", and you don't like spawn, or the turtles... you're out of luck. I mock thee. Mock! Serves you right, silly! Next time get something you like!) What's more, the comics I enjoyed are the really whitebread ones... Superman, Spidey, Fantastic four, Justice League, more recently Astro City and Tom Strong... vengeance comics were right out, for the most part. However....I have to admit a shred of affection for a hero who will - without skipping a beat - empty eleven shots from a .357 magnum at point blank range --- into a stubborn doorknob.

take that, doorknob! bad doorknob! bad!

oh, I found deadjournal and I created an alias Scottobear there too... just because. I'll probably never ever use it.

I *love* the fact that I can add entries to the past now, and it won't bubble to the front of folk's friend's pages... I updated 5/27/01, and it's nice placed there, where it belongs.