June 15th, 2001

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Hatt-baby, Hatt-bayyybee... hatten-ar-din, hatten ar din... Ja der tyker din. lalaalalalalalalalalalaaaaa....aaahahahahaaaaaaa!

"Monkeys learn sign language so they can tell the dolphins they love them."

End random babble from the back of the skull.

little red monkey is still going through my head, but I like it. I'm *finally* home from work, scratching hard at the pile of work that built as I came in late today. Had a productive, if stifling hot morning seeking apartments. I didn't take Danny out for breakfast, but we did get smoothies and sammiches to go at the grove, to eat while we seeked. two excellent prospects, and I think I might've been discriminated against... I suspect one of the people I asked about renting from thought that Dan & I were boyfriends. (we were finisihng each other's sentences, and asking about a one bedroom apartment). Ack. Well, if he discriminates, I don't want to rent from him anyway, even if he's wrong. It's also amazing to me how many places hold a cat as a deal breaker for a rental. An unexpected upside of Dan's visit... he brought me prezzies!

An action figure of Big Guy and Rusty, the little boy robot!
big guy & rusty!

and,the DVD of Tank girl, a movie that I enjoy, but would never, ever buy for myself... totally unexpected, and I'm delighted to get presents.

I didn't get much good talk time with Dan, though... or if I did, I can't remember what we talked about... I hope to see him again before school starts back up for him. We usually have really great, thought provoking conversations. Ah well, maybe I'll remember more after my sleep.

For No reason at all -

Natural Predators of Man
Mako Sharks
Organized bands of Criminal Lobsters
Hummel Figurines
The Kiwanis
Tiger Woods
The Soul Consuming Ghost of Phil Hartman
Grizzly Bears
Sea Monkeys
Young Republicans
Mexican Wrestlers (Luchadores)
Rogue Legos
Ceiling Fans
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There's a cartoon by the incredibly brilliant Gahan Wilson, from his book of the same name, in which a man stares around him at the people worshipping the signs saying "Nothing" and the cathedrals erected with the word "Nothing" on them, in glowing bright lights.

"Is Nothing sacred?" he asks.
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nerd things

very interesting performance benchmarks on ms sql schtuff and ado:

So the message is clear. If you are going to use ADO, then if the database is Jet then use the Open and Addnew methods to insert records. If the database is SQL Server, use INSERT INTO statements.
sometimes i wish i had 4 monitors instead of 2. i wonder if that would make me more efficient or less efficient.

on second thought... I dont want monitors.. I want THIS!!
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Though I may not post often....

...things of lasting quality, I am all the time looking around for ideas. I study reports, file information... make preparations. Life's more than evil news, words of the day, or the occasional wacky link, even though that's been the extent of what I've been posting lately. The quizzes are fun, and help me see what people who like me are like. (Our opinions aren't always shared, but at least we can usually be civil... downright kind to each other. I like that.

I want to write a long story. Something my sweetheart can illustrate. Something we can birth together... give life to. A child formed of literature and visual art. The sum of us both as a single being.

But what to write about? Life during childhood? Butterflies? Fears? Love? All together, in some massive mishmash of concepts and plot?

Heck, I don't know. I do know that I want to create something. Something with her. To me, there's something amazingly special about the girl I love. She know so many things, a delightful mistress of trivia, and knowledge that is useful too. I think she'll be my consultant on any health, plant, craft, web or womanly thing for future stories.

I need to go to bed... body is very tired.

I've just polished off another minor contract, a dentist's office wanted a modification to the database they were using. quick job, I almost feel guilty for charging them. 2 hours, 45 minutes...most of it ado research.

I've been thinking of my sweetie sleeping as I work. It's very comforting to me to know she's sleeping, hopefully having peaceful dreams. I turn my head and half expect to see her visage there, turned, facing my workspace, with a sleeping look of calm. It makes bed altogether to appealing... to join her, cradle her in my arms, and drift to my own slumber... sharing dreams with her there.

Well, that's it. I'm on it. See you kids in the morning. I inserted the poll earlier.

What sort of pet have you at home?


"Something Else/More Detail/amounts?"

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today's word.

obsequy (OB-se-kwee) noun

A funeral rite or ceremony.

[Middle English obsequie, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin obsequiae,
alteration (influenced by Latin exsequiae, funeral rites) of Latin obsequia,
plural of obsequium, compliance.]
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straight dope - What's the story on prions, which supposedly cause mad cow disease?

I know about bacteria. I know about viruses, sort of. But what are prions? I've been reading about them in connection with mad cow disease, and I gather that they're some new kind of germ, and that someone got a Nobel Prize for discovering them. But that's about it. Maybe I'm just getting old, but what the heck--bacteria and viruses weren't good enough? We need some new kind of high-tech bug that sounds like you make it by pelting muons with bosons in the Tevatron?
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thanks for reminding me, leftyrok

Old TV slogans in my head...

"The incredible, edible egg."

By..... Mennon.

Na-Bi-Sco... *ding*

I can bring home the bacon... fry it up in a pan... and nevvvanevva make you forget you're a mann... 'Cause I'm a woooman, Enjole!

Hey, Kool-Aide! OH YEAHHHHH!

Here comes wrangler. He's one tough customer, he knows what he likes when he sees it... Wra-hang-gler!

And they call it.... CHAR-lee....

*watched wayyyyy too much tv as a boy.

ok, that's out of my system now.

oh, one more....


It's the New zoo review... coming right at you! - listen - New Zoo Revue Closing Theme Music
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Just curious.

Does anyone use the term 'pizza parlor' in casual conversation anymore? I found myself thinking... "I'd like to go with my sweetie to a pizza parlor". What am I, one of the archies?