June 20th, 2001

scotto monkeypulse

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Just talked to my sweetie, and saw her off for her journey.

I love her *so* much. I hate to seem effusive, but I cain't hep et. Ah jes' wanna hug her and kiss her and squeeze her and hold her hand...let her know how much she means to me.

She's the most wonderful gal.
scotto monkeypulse

stuff to do tonight

get comfort food to ride out a night without my love in talkie-range.

taco bell, with earl gray tea.

Book - House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski (I went into my closet this afternoon and pulled out a few books I'd not read yet, picked up at a used bookstore about a year ago, and promptly forgot). It's a meaty paperback, about as thick as The Stand was, when I had it in the same size. I remember now, why I put it in the closet, as it's a meta-book... where it's a few layers of story deep. little bits or writing on the margin, and so on. it'll give me something to do. I hope it passes the test of 100.

A kitty in lap, or playing milk ring fetch, should be nice too. I'll be burning nag champa, and be bundled in bedding cocoon, sending her my thoughts for her happiness, and comfort.