June 29th, 2001

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word of the day - genuflect

genuflect \JEN-yuh-flekt\, intransitive verb:
1. To bend the knee or touch one knee to the ground, as in worship.
2. To be servilely respectful or obedient; to grovel.

Genuflect is from Late Latin genuflectere, from Latin genu, "knee" + flectere, "to bend."
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straight dope - foot binding

I've always been intrigued by the ancient custom in China of binding women's feet. I've never seen an actual picture of what they end up looking like but have heard them referred to as "lotus blossoms." Do they end up looking like a claw or just little tiny feet? Was this an attempt to further control women by crippling them so they couldn't get away? Jean, via AOL

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text message from Joel, my Cab driving buddy -

Pilot episode "Broken Bow", Klingon crashlands on earth & must B returned 2 Qo'nos against the Vulcan's advice. Joel

Hmm...I wonder if he'll have a turtle-forehead like the movies, or be smooth like the old series?

Oh, by the Way, My name is Scotto, and I'm a dork.
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from the mass mailing....

And now for the kind of news you love to hear -- new features! LiveJournal has heard from numerous people, saying "Why should I be a paid user of the site if I don't get more in return?" Well, we are currently working on a ton of new features for paid users, including:

- Journal statistics! You will be able to easily find out how many people are visiting your site every day. We will also add in extra statistics, such as the number of visitors to your friends page.

- Image server! Paid members will now be able to store photos and other images right on LiveJournal for easy and fast insertion into your journal pages. No more hassles dealing with webhosting services that don't allow you to link to images anymore!

- Full-text searches on journals! Paid members will get access to powerful search features! Finally, you can find that old post you made, without having to manually search through hundreds of other posts to find it!

Sweeeeeeeet. :)

I wanted all of these. *does the happy little scotto dance.

No more bandwidth drain on my home site! Stats (one of my fave-fave things in the world (being a nosey-booger)!!

Text search... I think I wanted most of all. Now I can be more lazy with my memories... and just key in "turd health" or whatever. :)
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Good News, boogaloos!

Gold! I've struck gold!

Apartment, allows Newton, good rent, within 3 blocks of my old place, so I don't have to relearn Neighborhoods. Open house is tomorrow at 2pm. *does the swim, then the monkey.

Oh, if it's good, and they're nice, I wonder if I could slip in there next week? Get all my moving done while mah sweetie is off doing other things elsewhere...

Welll, if anyone was going to send me stickers, wait until I post my new address.... Hoody Hoo!

More room for me, and my stuff, hopefully coming soon!
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