July 19th, 2001

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word of the day - carom

carom \KAIR-um\, noun:
1. A rebound following a collision; a glancing off.
2. A shot in billiards in which the cue ball successively
strikes two other balls on the table.

intransitive verb:
1. To strike and rebound; to glance.
2. To make a carom.

transitive verb:
To make (an object) bounce off something; to cause to carom.

Carom derives from obsolete carambole, from Spanish carambola, "a stroke at billiards."
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And now... the evil news.

-Want to cut personal health care costs? Die.
A controversial report commissioned by Philip Morris found that the Czech Republic saved about $147 million during one year because the premature death of smokers saved money on health care and housing for the elderly.

Childproof Caps
The State of Connecticut has created a new law that prohibits schools from recommending psychiatric drugs for any child.

Use P2P, Go To Jail
In December 1999, David McOwen -- a system administrator at DeKalb Tech, part of the Georgia state university system -- installed a screensaver from Distributed.net on some of the computers at DeKalb. That was his mistake -- but he never could have guessed how big a mistake that would turn out to be. As it turns out he will likely be arrested in the next few weeks on charges that have a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.
In fact, McOwen is now being criminally prosecuted for the "crime." What crime?
The state claims that the Distributed.net client cost the state $415,951.49 in bandwidth charges. The cost of bandwidth, the state says, is 59 cents per second. If you do the math at this rate, you find that the DeKalb is paying $1,529,280 per month for bandwidth. The amount they're seeking from McOwen is roughly a third of this cost.

Suing For Not Being Aborted
France's highest court of appeal, the Cour de Cessation, [...] has ruled that disabled children are entitled to be compensated if their mothers were not given a chance to abort the defective fetus. [...] The metaphysics is breathtaking. A child stands in court, and demands the legal right never to have existed.

Dog Found Undercooked in Cooking Oil
The owner of a dog that was found Saturday morning in a trash bin with 3 to 4 feet of cooking oil is offering a $200 reward to find the person who put her there.
"I cannot believe anyone would do this," said Jill Ballinger, 24. "It makes me so sick. She's the nicest dog."
The 6-year-old red and white Siberian husky called Sadie was recovering Monday at the hospital for Veterinary Specialists of Northern Colorado.

Maintence Workers Baked Golden Brown
A bakery company and three company directors have been fined £373,000 after two
workers died inside a bread oven.
The men were carrying out maintenance work when they became trapped inside the
machine where temperatures were above 100C.
They died from burns and heat exposure after being unable to escape...
"No-one, it seemed, looked at the temperature gauge at the side of the oven
which would have indicated it wasn't safe to go in."

Oregon Law Officers Cannot Tell A Lie
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- For nearly a year, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have been handcuffed in Oregon, constrained from launching undercover operations as basic as sending an agent to buy drugs from a suspected dealer...
The reason is an Oregon Supreme Court ruling that all attorneys -- prosecutors included -- must abide by state ethics rules against the use of deceit.
Under Justice Department policy, undercover activities by federal agents must be approved by prosecutors in the U.S. attorney's office. Since the Aug. 17 ruling, the U.S. attorney's office in Portland has suspended some undercover operations and has not approved any new ones for fear of disciplinary action from the Oregon State Bar, which can disbar members.
The FBI said the cases hampered include an undercover operation against Russian mobsters, an investigation of adults who go into Internet chat rooms to try to lure children into having sex, and a probe of a check fraud scheme involving more than $1 million in losses in four states.

Crack Crappy Encryption, Go To Jail
A Russian computer programmer who gave a presentation at the DefCon hacker convention in Las Vegas this weekend has been arrested by the FBI on charges that he wrote a program that allegedly circumvents a controversial U.S copyright law...
``The information for how to copy PDF files is being treated the same as lock picks and nuclear information,'' Schneier said.

New Zealand Jumps In Lead For Most Screwed Up Kids
New Zealand: A 14-year-old Te Puke girl was sentenced in Tauranga District
Court yesterday to three years' jail on charges of sexual violation, attempted rape, robbery and kidnapping.
Originally a Youth Court matter, the girl was sentenced in the District Court because the charges were too serious for the Youth Court. Judge Ian Thomas suppressed the girl's name, saying it may help with her longer term rehabilitation.
The six charges arose from an incident involving a 13-year-old boy and girl at Te Puke's Jamieson oval on November 11 last year.
The 14-year-old was the main offender in a scene inside the unused scoreboard building where the two 13-year-olds were taken and ordered to have sex at knifepoint.

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whoops, the first one was broken.

Poll #2254 fave monopoly piece?

What's your Fave monopoly token?

Race Car
Top Hat
Horse & Rider
Money Bag

Something else instead? A stray lego, perhaps?

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I awoke this morning gasping for air like a landed fish. It seems that my nose stuffed up during the night, and with the cpap on, that's a bit of a problem. I think the shock of such a rude awakening is what dissolved much of my dream today. I can't recall what it was last night, save that my sweetie was with me, and we were laughing about something. I just remember us getting a wicked case of the giggles...

Newt's a big doofus today.. cuddle-biting, wrestling with my ankles... (they're just begging to be bit apparently!) I don't want to go to work! I just want to play at home with the cat. Can I validate taking a day off? hmmm.... nope, not really... got a fresh project coming online in a day or two. Maybe I'll skip work tomorrow if I can get away with it.
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I have perhaps 20-25 homemade burned CD's of old time radio... (Jack Benny, The Shadow, Dragnet, Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, etc). I figure about 11ish hours apiece. I can't believe I've listened to all of them , and am now restarting from the beginning of the stack. I'd estimate I listen to about 2-4 hours a day, after folks go home... My Office-mate isn't big on 1930s-1950s variety stuff. I can honestly say, that there's a pile of quality entertainment on those CD's. I'm not sure why my tastes run to nostalgia from before I was born.. it seems a little more honest, and not quite so... oh, I'm not sure. I'd just much rather listen to an episode of Suspense than Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even though they share a lot of elements. Weird Science, Horror, Fantasy... but without some of the more 'modern TV' trappings. Maybe because it's sound only.. you can fill in your own special effects, character appearances, and I think they deliver a more solid story base sometimes. Also, you can have a show about only one or two people (Like the Shadow, and Margo Lane) and not know what/who the bad guy is in a mystery, or who might get killed. I think the hitchhikers guide is better as a radio show, than a tv miniseries, too (although both were quite fun). Added Bonus, you can listen in the dark, in bed, eyes closed.

Odds are good that the vast majority of folks today rarely listen to anything aside from music or talk stations on the radio anymore... and I think that's sort of a shame. Drama, comedy and so on. Radio plays are a thing of the past... admittedly some of them should stay there, but there's a lot of potential for good stuff, even as webcasts. http://prairiehome.org/ does webcasts of the one exception I know. Prairie Home companion is nice... music, comedy, drama, and homespun stuff, to the tune of our current age. I actually tune in once a week to hear the fresh stuff. It's good. (The website's better, because you can pick and choose the stuff you want to listen to during the show... So I can Jump right to News from lake Woebegon and Guy Noir.) Plus they have show archives that go waaaaaay back to the mid 90's if you can't get enough of it. (I've listened to them all, a little at a time... usually a classic episode after listening to a particularly good regular show.)

Not sure what point I'm making, other than "DRAMA RADIO GOOD! MONGO LIKE!"Site Meter
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In a romantic mood.

I want to just head home, lower the lights, and cuddle up with the girl I love, and get as snuggly and close as possible. Going to burn some nag champa, and hope for heavy rain. :)
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