August 2nd, 2001

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Florida, land of sunshine?

Not during the rainy season. Not that I mind. Not a bit... I only would prefer to skip work again today, and curl up with the kitty, my sweetie, a good book, and some bedclothes.

looks like rain!

Heavy Rain
73 °F Feels Like: N/A

UV Index: 1 Minimal
Wind: From the Northwest at 12 mph
Dew Point: 73 °F
Humidity: 100 %
Visibility: 1.25 miles
Barometer: 30.08 inches and steady
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scotto piercing gaze superhero

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thunder and lightningThis thunderstorm is about 10-20 miles away. Lightning can be seen up to 75 miles away at night when the intervening sky is clear and dark. Thunder, however, may be heard only a few miles away in a noisy location, 10 miles away in the open, and up to 15 miles away in quiet locations.

Cloudcover has mostly passed, but we were treated to a lovely set of lightning flashes, heavy rains and parking lots reduced to wading pools due to poor drainage. Still a flood watch until 6pm, and a severe weather warnig until 8.

Some of the things I'm digging about the rain is the cooler temperatures... I may be able to open my windows when I get home tonight.... but the humidity makes it feel much warmer than it might otherwise.

On another tack, either this code red thing is worse than I'd thought or all the mailing lists I'm on are taking a little nap today. Where I usually get about 30-50 pieces of mail a day, I think that perhaps only 10 got through... and the majority of those are LJ replies and personal mail... that's why there's no evil news today, none of the spiders have crawled back home to roost. Perhaps that explains all the ip pinging I've been getting lately too. Kids, get a firewall, especially if you're on dsl or cable. I can't say it enough.