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August 7th, 2001

I hate being too dang busy to think.

Preferred mode is a 'full plate' with an extended deadline.

this "we need it nownownownow" stuff gets old, fast. especially with pesky orbiting folks poking noses in... "is it done yet?"

my answer "no, and every time you ask me, it's going to take longer. go away, you'll have it when it's ready, and as fast as possible. "

and still... some folks keep "ready yet?"



word of the day - inculpate

inculpate (in-KUHL-payt) verb tr.

To accuse; to incriminate.

[From Late Latin inculpatus, from Latin in- + culpatus, past participle of culpare to blame, from culpa fault.]

"`It had not been there the morning before.' `How do you know?'
`Because I tidied out the wardrobe.' `That is final. Then someone came
into your room and placed the pistol there in order to inculpate you.'"
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Problem of Thor Bridge.
how many other free picture hosting areas are around?

brinkster finally wized up... any news on how soon LJ's image server will be implemented?


you know what?

Just thinking of my sweetheart is like a balm against my stress. Just thinking about her picks me up, smoothes my feathers, and gives me a warm feeling... I'm very fortunate that way.

I'm so happy to be in love with her, and oftentimes, I just can't find words that sum it up better than a simple 'I love you' to her.

So, simply put it shall be. I love you, my darling. Thank you for being who you are, and that amount of joy you bring me.


The Magic Can of Soda

A day just like this one, many, many years ago, a man was walking along the beach. Whilst strolling about, he happened upon a can of soda. Inside this can of soda lived a magical elf, who would grant any wish to the person who found him. The man stopped by the aluminum can, and crushed it underfoot, killing the little elf. The elf's broken corpse was later incinerated at the recycling factory.


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