August 17th, 2001

scotto piercing gaze superhero

Scotto Grotto cave-page concept

Each page will have a different feel, but common to the design (have alt lynx friendly for the old-schoolers & disabled)

Overhead frame with a map of where to go/ What to do... interactive/flash. Not too showy, functional and clean...

1 cave opening, wooden signpost - News (index page) Powered by LJ? perhaps just a simple CGI script. 2nd most dynamic page

2 Gallery (cave paintings) Probably the 2nd most static page
a- Whiteboard to play on?

3 Writing
a-Journal - Stream (of thought) blind fish... wet, and living Most dynamic page.
b-Programming (Mongo's Firepit?)
c-fiction Veins of some mineral? Is gold to vain? Gems? each a different story? if a vein, perhaps a timeline of creation?

4 links (rear exit of the grotto... a lighted path away to a woodland glade, or down the mountain?), include ring memberships here

5 bio (Stalagtites & mites... most static part of the page... bats?) dedication, credits to assistant(s)?

6 newtcam (imagery is undecided...)

7+ ??? Toybox? Game? Is a guestbook needed, with the journal? Site stats?
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