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August 29th, 2001

straight dope about oversleeping

If you sleep too much, you don't feel refreshed; instead you feel sluggish, groggy, and generally disposed to more sleep. What is the scientific reason behind this?

answers to followCollapse )
from - http://www.antispin.net/~martine/cgi-bin/insanity.cgi?scottobear

What is as the scientific reason behind this is
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see also testing the three wood golf club.
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software, or music. A lot more.

getting inquisitive....

Poll #4101 Nosey Scotto

How long have you been using LJ?

What's your User #? (after your name on your bio page)

Do you have a paid Account?

Yes, But I won't Be Renewing
Even Better, I'm permanent!
No, but I'll probably get one soon

What's your first Big LJ Memory? (feel free to expound more in comments, if you like)

Who was your first LJ Friend?

Are you still reading them/friends with them?


Something Else?


stream of thought... as usual.

I feel like writing something profound and poetic:

Pretty peas
Floating in a soup
Bette Davis eyes
Bette likes to boop

Blowing in the wind
Like a helium cow
This poem is weak
So I shall end it now.

Poetry was never one of my strong points...but then, neither was square dancing.

I ask myself, "Is it a sin to be flexible when the boat comes in?" Then I sit around for five minutes and ponder the question. Then I answer: "Ummmm... I don't think so." Then I wander away in a daze, wondering why nonsensical Depeche Mode lyrics are dripping out of my mind.

I'm going to clear my mind before I write any more.

*pauses and performs some yoga*

I hope I'm doing it right. I've never had formal yoga lessons.

*I sit cross-legged with my eyes closed, staring at an imagined white spot behind my skull about three inches directly above the bridge of my nose while imagining the serene rhythms of "Feelin' Groovy" are washing over me. The white spot turns dark blue, fading to black, as I pass out for several minutes*

*wakes up*

Ahh... refreshed.
Scotto, your pirate name is: Mad John Read

Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. Even through many pirates have a reputation for not being the brightest souls on earth, you defy the sterotypes. You've got taste and education. Arr!

Take that, mateys!


a work in progress. just like I am.

I'm a throwback, strange in that I fit so many of society's "norms".

some things about me, even though I'm generally classified as a liberal hippie.

Some "Conservative Aspects" of my liberal self, that is just the way I am.

Monogamous - a one woman man. So much so, that I can't fathom polyamory at all. even dating more than one person at the same time is bizarre to me. If you want to see my short hairs go up, let me hear about a married man/woman coming on to someone that's not that person's spouse or partner. Adultery to me is a total lack of love and respect for one's self, their spouse, and the person whose pants they're trying to get into. I'm a firm believer that folks should dissolve one relationship before starting another... at least that way the hurt party doesn't get hit with worse than a breakup. I really feel a flame of anger and disgust even when seeing a guy on tv put his wedding ring in his pocket to pick up some one night stand... I imagine it's ok of both partners are ok with it... but I don't comprehend that. (Our last prez is a good example of that... His wife didn't seem to mind him fooling around, so why should I? Well, I do. not because he's president either. Because he's a creep for doing it. Side note - I was more angry that he lied under oath, before law and God.)

Hetero - I like the female form, and have no interest in men. I feel that 'everyone is bi' theory is completely bogus...Now, opposed to the above, I think of homosexuality as a personal choice, and I don't regard folks in a negative light for sexual preference. (I do think folks that regularly flaunt their preferences, flamboyantly straight, gay or otherwise is sort of silly, though... "Straight and Great/Here and Queer" whatever. pick your partner, and do your thing... pride in one's sexual choice is sort of like pride in your favorite color for shoes. ) I do wonder what causes certain choices, though. I've experimented with all sorts of sexual fantasies, and bottom line... Men don't do it for me at all. (in fact, neither do a goodly number of women... I've found only a fairly narrow beam of sexually interesting people...even when I have fantasised about a beautiful woman, she's more than just a barbie doll.) To me, the mark of a sexually (and otherwise) interesting partner is intelligent and kind, as well as a physically appealing woman. otherwise, she'd just be a semen recepticle, and I deserve more than that. I think that's my being a pod. People who can just go out, do the dance and walk away... I can't fathom it... no bonding at all?

I think that sometimes, some kids need corporal punishment. Not all kids, not all the time... but sometimes, a child needs physical discipline.

Some other elements that aren't so "right or left wing"

A belief in the strength of a team, when all members are reliable.
A love/hate relationship with the law. A shame we need cops, but I'm glad we have them. The ultimate power syndrome pokes its head too often, though.

Liberal -

Consensual Crime ...I don't mind. I don't like what it leads to though. Prostitution or Drug use should be legal, but they both lead to other problems (some, arguably due to them being illegal). but, I figure, the law of the land. Regardless of your stance on this, if you don't vote, or let your lawmakers know how you feel, the laws will be written by those who vote (and those who have the most money to lobby). I think pot is only as bad as booze... but booze in the wrong hands can lead to peril. How do we/Should we decide whose hands are the wrong ones? The same can be said of salt, sugar and the internet. LJ, too. How many people went into withdrawal symptoms wthile the LJ was down?
today is wednesday?

I lost a day? Alien Abduction? Hormones? Sleepiness?

I know...Codeburn.
*shakes head, and rattles that bean back into it's proper holder*

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