October 4th, 2001

scotto monkeypulse

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I have a magic toooenail,
I keep it on my foot.
It always comes to rescue me,
when something goes...kaput.

got a big load of code cranked out, and been thinking about 20,000 leagues under the sea in the background. I wonder if I'll dream about being aboard a sub, playing a turtle shell classic guitar to my sweetheart. Not bad.

*watches a giant squid swim past*

I'd better go electrify the hull.

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scotto monkeypulse


debouch \dih-BOWCH; -BOOSH\, intransitive verb:
1. To march out (as from a wood, defile, or other narrow or confined spot) into the open.
2. To emerge; to issue.

transitive verb:
To cause to emerge or issue; to discharge.
Debouch comes from French déboucher, from dé- (for de), "out of" (from Latin de) + bouche, "mouth" (from Latin bucca, "cheek, mouth"). The noun form is debouchment.
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The socially retarded, the chronically clueless, and the impolite.

you know I love 'em.

The only thing that can help someone like that is a well-trained staff of retard handlers and a toy duck that squirts chocolate when you squeeze it.
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A quiz!

Poll #6209 am I overreacting?

When I see a post that has comments turned off and I want to say something, I...

want to post about it more, because it seems 'forbidden'
Post a reply in that person's journal, somewhere else where comments are allowed
write about it in my own journal and link to the entry
e-mail the person, and debate or comment in private
let it drop, assuming they don't want to hear it
yodel impotently in Danish

something else

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big brain is getting a major overhaul, long overdue.

Drive d is cockydoodie, it needs a new fan, and a revised os.

swell Karen is hooking me up with a happy new 4 gig hd, just to hold the os...and the fattie drive will be running backup. I really appreciate her helping out.

I'll be happy when big brain comes home, and I'm back on DSL speed, again. Thank goodness for the laptop! ;) There to get me through times of net-famine.
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jennylee has a great voice... just got a lovely mp3 via her mailing list-

more info available at - http://www.fneucam.com/fneucam.html

kids... be good, or fritz here will add you to his giant goetta vat using his sausage-oar hand, bloody smock, paper hat and evil german recipies on you. I won't go into his horrid coal-black eyes of dooooooom.

I'm not kidding.

Doctor Fishopolis... you need a shave!


Doctor Fishopolis!! NOOOOO!! Not the electric razor! not in the goetta vat!!