November 12th, 2001

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evil news

El Dildo Bandito Strikes!
A string of brightly colored ceramic penises that dangled from a clothesline in a controversial artwork titled "Hanging 'Em Out to Dry" was stolen Saturday morning from the Boulder Public Library, police said. In its place hung an American flag and a note: "El Dildo Bandito was here."

UPDATE!: LJ account of the dildo bandito here!
UPDATE!: ceramic weiners recovered!

Almost Too Much Porn For University of Toronto

After CBC's Max Allen donated material, university grappled with what to do next

At the University of Toronto, behind a door marked "Do Not Enter — Alarmed Directly To The Toronto Police Service," two students are cataloguing what may be one of the largest collections of modern pornography in Canada. Neither seems particularly alarmed.

While one inputs the information into a computer, the other is nonchalantly reading out the titles of videotapes that fill a dozen shelves: Never Enough, New Meat, Night Magic, Dirty Minutes, Peep Show, Plain Brown Wrapper, Spank Your Buddy.

They are working under the supervision of Professor Brian Pronger, of the faculty of physical education, who is gratified to see that the porn videos have a particularly large historic sweep. "Some of it is from Italy and goes back to the earliest days of filmmaking — there's one that I'm guessing is from 1910 or 1915 because it's very jerky," says the professor. "Oh, I guess I shouldn't use that word."

Scotland Makes Bid For Shallowest Country
Men hate shopping, a survey of 18 to 24-year-old men has confirmed. So a Scottish shopping centre has set out to attract their girlfriends by offering "surrogate boyfriends" who will accompany the ladies during their spending spree. The surrogates have vowed to admire and compliment the lady shoppers, to be enthusiastic and attentive. In a related bid to mollify the potentially jealous, young men, the centre has set up a men-only "recharge zone" where the grown-up boys can stay and play video games and table football or read men's magazines.
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I would never demur my sweetheart's osculation.

osculate (OS-kyuh-layt) verb tr.

1. To kiss.

2. Mathematics: (For a curve) to touch another curve in such a way that they have same tangent and curvature at the common point.

verb intr.

To touch or to bring together.

From Latin osculatus, the past participle of osculari, from osculum (kiss; literally, little mouth), diminutive form of os (mouth).

demur (dih-MUR), intransitive verb:
1. To object; to take exception.

2. To delay.

1. The act of demurring.

2. Objection.

3. Delay.

Demur comes from Old French demorer, "to linger, to stay," from Latin demorari, from de- + morari, "to delay, to loiter," from mora, "a delay."
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To me, this is nifty. assorted found stuff. Perfect for my interests, a pack rat with no more room in the house. :)

an example -

make dummy
FOUND by jamie luck

this grabbed onto the bottom of my left shoe June 6th along the route from the food market to the pedestrian overpass that spans the emeryville amtrak lines. i'm speculating that this was a down-on-his-luck puppeteer brainstorming how to turn things around for himself.
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last night recap.

I've been rubbed and scrubbed and you can eat my skin. Got together with my buddies Cathi and Dave last night, went to Nickels...Cathi is due next week, (the critter is in the birth canal at this point, I'd guess) so this'll probably be the last time I see them before the baby is born. We had the most gender-confused server... "She" had craggy features, and adam's apple and very muscular hands, in addition to a face with pancake foundation makeup akin to a clown's (in my eyes, anyhoo... think torch song trilogy). I guess that lifestyle choice, like so many others, has it's fashion risks, too. "She" was a good server, and very friendly, however. I wonder how many people base tips off of appearance and such over performance as a whole.

got my power mac 7500 from Dave last night. cute machine, but my mac-knowledge is very limited. aside from taking a loooong time to boot, it seems perfectly serviceable... I need to get drivers for the modem, though. (he kept one of the hard drives that had some vital stuff on, otherwise I'd have been up and surfing with it last night. Since my sweetie hit the bricks early early last night I fiddled with it a bit while watching the cartoon network.

I *really really* want a digital camera now. I think the 'wait and see until the desire has passed' stage is over, and that I'll grab one over thanksgiving weekend, in order to post more images from walkies and such.

How many pictures of a potato can people want to see?

mister potato man first seen in found_objects! thanks to juliabee for showing me the community!

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