November 25th, 2001

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abed - suitable for sundays.

abed \uh-BED\, adverb:

In bed.

"When I lay abed as a boy in our ranch house, listening to those trucks growl their way up highway 281, the sound of those motors came to seem as organic as the sounds of the various birds and animals who were apt to make noises in the night."
--Larry McMurtry, Roads: Driving America's Great Highways

Abed is the prefix a-, "in, on" (from Old English an) + bed (from Old English bedd).

Now, to shower!
scotto monkeypulse

today's drawn cards -

magiqueen of wandsSweetheart's draw - The Magician -- This card represents the ability to turn ideas into actions, handle problems, and control one's life. It indicates a mastery of psychic abilities and their correct use. It can also show that a new project is beginning.

Well, hey! ok!

for myself - QUEEN OF WANDS -- Represents the watery part of Fire. A woman of adaptability, persistent energy, calm authority, with great power to attract, generous but impatient of opposition. She is loving and kind to all. May also show success in business or finances.

I'm all for that, too. :) Looka the cute little black cat she has!
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old time radio cracks me up.

I'm listening to "Texas Rangers" on shoutcast OTR. In tonight's episode, Jas and Leeds are tracking down an escaped killer. dun dunnnn DUNNN!

The Rangers are informed by a guy talking through a tube that the killer has only one known acquaintance, a woman that, ahem, he is not married to. She's not at her last known address and left no forwarding information. So, Jas, knowing the best way to find a woman, gives the order:

"Check any cosmetics mail-order suppliers for her name."

Well, of course.

So they find her and intimidate her into letting them search her apartment. Inside they find candy wrappers, and sweets are a known habit of the killer. Lifesavers were stolen from a nearby gas station.

"It ain't no crime eatin' candy," says the woman.

"Yeah," says Jas, "but you've got a 30-day diet tacked to the wall over there, and from the looks of your figure, you've been followin' it." The dame folds like a wet paper napkin.

I don't think it was satire.
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