November 26th, 2001

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Procrustean (pro-KRUS-tee-uhn) adjective

Producing conformity using harsh means.

After Procrustes, a giant in Greek mythology, who stretched or cut his victims to make them fit his bed.
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evile newskis

U.S. Can Now Prosecute Hackers Outside Borders
The Justice Department, using the recently approved anti-terrorism law, can now prosecute foreign hackers when they attack computers in their own or other countries outside the United States.

Critics said this week that the change could make the United States the world's Internet policeman and set a precedent that would apply American values to the worldwide network.

Mullah Omar Knows What Is Important.
IN a typically eccentric rallying cry to his Taliban forces, Mullah Mohammed Omar has issued an edict to his officials and soldiers demanding that they wear their turbans straight.

Turbans, which the Taliban require all men to wear or face a beating, are not be worn to one side or too far back, he ruled. To do so is "vulgar and un-Islamic"...

His notorious bans on leather jackets, white paper bags (in case they were made with pages of the Koran), music and kite-flying still apply in provinces under Taliban control.

Mom's in Labor as Dad Steals a Stereo
When a Reserve man took his pregnant wife to River Parishes Hospital on Wednesday, he decided he would go home with more than a baby.

Mickey Hewitt, 21, of 399 Homewood Place, was booked with simple burglary of a vehicle after he broke into a car and stole some stereo equipment, authorities said.

Dude, I Thought You Were Man's Best Friend And Stuff
A whimpering hunting dog seems to have turned in his owner.

Police in Clinton Township in suburban Columbus said that they received a 911 cellular call Thursday from what sounded like a whimpering woman.

Officers visited the home of the cell phone's owner.

They found no emergency, but they found 150 marijuana plants in the basement.
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"Flesh to touch...Flesh to burn! Don't keep the Wicker Man waiting!"

wicker man Last night, I was pleased to see that The Wicker Man was on television, so I had something nice to play in the background as I read. (I had some trouble drifting off, and it really did the trick.)

Set and made in the 70's staring Edward Woodward (Equalizer) on an Island owned by a wealthy Christopher Lee (Gormanghast/Sauruman LOTR 2001). Woodward is a English police officer responding to a murder. Denial, cults, a tavern set - it was great! The only difficult item was the message music similar to 70's movie Silent Running. That's all I am going to say, except rent it on a dark, rainy night when you're by yourself. Doesn't get much better than that.

Ah, my. Monday again. What happened to the long weekend? Back to work, soon... this morning's walkies were nice, a light cool rain came down and made it even more comfortable. The urge to get a digicam tugs everytime I go outside... I really want to add more images to my entries and my general collection, too. I hope this week goes well... Dale's taking off on Friday for 2 week in Jamacia, leaving Karen and myself to pick up his slack in the meantime. (He certainly deserves the break, mind you. He works hard.... I'm just not looking forward to doing more work while he's gone.) I think this week will consist of him training Karen in what he does, and my getting a refresher, since I haven't diddled with it since his last time away.
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In light of last night's movie... some straight dope

Did the Celts really celebrate a holiday by building a huge, hollow man out of wicker, filling the man with prisoners, then lighting the thing on fire? Or instead are they the victims of really bad Roman press? If true, this really sets a high bar for judging a tough family holiday.

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redfinition of struct iovec... compilation complaint. *pbbbts* at the compiler.

This is a conflict between my C library includes and my kernel includes. I need to make sure that the versions of both are matched properly. There are two workarounds, either one will solve the problem:

Remove the definition of struct iovec from your C library includes...

or, Add -DNO_WRITEV to the EXTRA_CFLAGS line in my Configuration and reconfigure/rebuild. (This hurts performance and should only be used as a last resort.)

Well, then... A-removing I shall go!

Update - All fixified! yay! 4:00pm
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The status of LiveJournal:

At 8:46 am EST on Monday, November 26th, Admin dormando writes :

We are coding like madmen in an attempt to hammer out speed related problems with the new database system, and speeding up every database query we make. There is now a second DB server up with the new DB system. It seems to be doing very well.

LiveJournal is currently being slow. I see lots, and lots of people hitting the reload button far more than they should. This does not help, as I am sorry to say. If the site will not load for you, please only try once every fifteen minutes.

Here is a pretty graph of our current goals.

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'...let Gimli son of Gloin warn you against foolish words, You speak evil of that which is fair beyond the reach of your thought, and only little wit can excuse you.'


Gimli Gloin's son

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Gimli, Dwarf, handy with an axe when orcs are about.

In the movie, I am played by John Rhys-Davies.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Character Test

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