January 10th, 2002

scotto monkeypulse


Mornings, it is... must wait for the Yellow Face to show for walkings, I must. It burns us. Yess. For now I stay in my dank cave and guards my precious.

Why no lego Gollum? http://www.chem.ucla.edu/~bnh/lotr/lotrmain.html

Ah well, at least there's an action figure. Warning, there are spoilers to the novel on the source page. Don't look if you've not finished the books. safe pictures are below my lj cut

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travels - where the road leads


prayer wheel Realization from today's walkies. I saw a pair of Indian women walking, one had a child on her arm, and it looked like they were heading off to the grocer...something about seeing them made me happy, set a lot of mental gears in motion. Culture, maternity, exotic fabrics and the like. Discursive thoughts reorganized into a few ideas.

I need to do research on prayer wheels. I think it'd be interesting to maybe paint images on the side of a hard disk, and have it spiritually active every time it spins from data beind read and written. Alternately, maybe paint on the top of music CDs... would those work in the Tibetan faith? Now that I think of it... could you put it on any wheels, or is that bad for some idea? Car Tires, ceiling fans, merry-go-rounds, Ferris Wheels? I wonder if this has even been done before. I imagine that if it's not counter to the beliefs, most likely so.

In Newtie News: He took his meds ok, and has a competitor for "Cute fuzzball at work"... a baby Golden named Dexter. I'm not as free to bring Newtie in now, because Dex has Dibs (Dex is Kev's poochie. However, Once Dex is done being, he won't be coming in any more). I get to babysit Dex today whenn Kev goes into his meetings... added bonus, I don't have to go to the meetings! :)
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scotto monkeypulse

What's he gots in his pocketses??

well, if you're me, right now -

  1. Keyring with 5 keys, a security doodad, and a blood donor chain

  2. Palm Pilot with a happy face sticker on the carrying case

  3. metlife insurance card

  4. video store card

  5. library card

  6. florida ID card

  7. organ donor card

  8. Newton Vet card

  9. $97.60 in assorted bills. (4 20s, 1 10, 7 1s, 2 quarters and a dime)

  10. A paperclip

  11. a spiral mint wrapped in cellophane

What've you got?
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