January 14th, 2002

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Neglected to mention!

I got together with Cathi, Dave and baby Mayah... I got to feed the baby! :) Wrapped in tie-dyed (babysafe) swaddling to keep her warm, she got passed to me after she'd polished off two boobies worth of milk, and was ready for some supplemental formula. Super-tiny, and Uber-adorable she is... a hungry little critter. We exchanged holiday gifties... I got a Newton Journal, some swell jolly ranchers, a "barrel of monkeys" toy, and a really nice batman comic. I got Dave a big softcover of the LOTR trilogy, and some blockbuster GCs... Cathi got chimes, and some software for her new palm... Mayah got a duckie and a onesie.

Now, I'm going to beddie bye. before I go... the coolest clock!

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It's officially warm out again. That was a short winter...back to balmy breezes. It's odd having the skies bee so quiet again after yesterday.

While walking this morning, I found to my dismay that conspiracy stuff has gone the way of swords and sorcery in my mind... I think that the majority of the best stuff has pretty much been written and the market is glutting up with pale copies. Before, a hint of conspiracy would be dismissed as something only those wild-eyed conspiracy buffs would believe. But, even if it wasn't believed, it was interesting. Now something that looks like a conspiracy is dismissed without looking *at all* because it's just "something out of the X-Files." (For what it's worth, in the real world, being both disbelieved and uninteresting is the best cover you can have.) If I wrote the happenings between the contested Florida election and the tunnel-running in Afghanistan as fiction, without it all happening in real life, it would be unbelievable. Really. Just put the flag down for a moment and really look at how much weird stuff happened in a very short time. One thing this means for the conspiracy genre is that no one is going to bother silencing the crusading reporter with the inside scoop. Going public with the family jewels will mean nothing. Having the incriminating evidence in a secure location set to go public in the event of your death will be no protection whatsoever.

I'm glad most of my stories are just little weird reality bites. My next project writing-wise is to edit a few of them, and transcribe the three good tarot stories (and maybe clean up the not-so-good ones) into my journal from the notebook. I like writing on paper...you can really crank out ideas and doodles quickly, but transmission and storage is tough.

Well, WAMI is now 24/7 telefutura... no more local programming, or programming in english. A shame, because the kids show they had was fun to get ready along with in the morning. On the upside, it's got wacky Univision programming now. Back ot the Future in Spanish, Batman, badly acted soaps; they make for some nifty background sounds.

It looks like we have internet grocery shopping now, from http://publixdirect.com ... I registered, but I don't know if I'll make use of it.
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thank you, silly cow spy network! today's a bonanza of wacky links.

1) I'm sure you've heard, but in case you haven't: The universe is institutional green. And appropriately so, I might add.

2) Tiny Windows Games - a dynofoo production.

3) "'The design was logical,' he said. 'They made a cube and a tower. I was sure they would make something spherical. I know them too well.'"

4) More bowties than you can shake a stick at.

5) I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict these won't sell terribly well.

6) "'I would chose a Dell over a Gateway because Steven is cuter than Gateway's cow.'" [link via ROS&RR]

7) The Wild Cat Ranch Retirement Home.

8) And finally, Music From TV Commercials.
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Well, it looks like LJ's servers are being shaken to death by psychic Martian ant ghosts, *again*

What the story is, I don't know...I'm home from work, comfortably dressed, and have Newt laying next to me in semi-arc / half-loaf position. Another Monday down... got my paycheck today (as I was away from work on Friday.

Not really hungry, I might skip supper tonight. I'm feeling a little tired, but not too bad. I'm mostly over my mild ranty-ness I was at midday today,but at times, I can really be disappointed in some people. I'm no Will Rogers, but I'd like to be. I feel I still have more in common with Sam Clemens.

My mind tells me to wake up extra early, and walk early on, before it gets to the "devil's armpit" level, like it threatened to do today...must remember sunglasses next go-round, too. Such thoughts are simply constructed at night, before rest...I know that it's going to be tough come the dawn. Maybe I'll be up early enough to do a double walk, but somehow, I doubt the urge will take me. Instead, odds are better that I'll walk to the beach, sit there for a spell, and look off into the ocean for a while, see what mental sparks leap to me and take up residence in my noggin before heading home to treat Newtie.

Just occures to me that I have many blessings. Good that I can remember to count them here and again. :)

prickly pear tickles on my back... good and bad barbs. going to give the baby his drugs, and cuddle up in bed, let a my eyes chomp on a book for a few, and then sweet dreams.
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