January 29th, 2002

scotto piercing gaze superhero

The most frustrating part of this amnesia is that I don't know when I'm having deja vu.

Today, I must be responsible.

I need to get off my keister, gather up the manuscripts and goodies, and head on down to the post office. Then, I need to get a few things needed for around the house.

Lazy feeling day today... probably because there's work to be done. Be back later on.

oh! and Tom Tomorrow has a journal...
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travels - where the road leads

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Today's rounds... some pics.

Made all my required footpath travel in record time. I roamed up and down Federal highway to get my mail sent off, picked up sundries for the house, and got a yummy bag of apples. (I ate two on the walk home. goo-ood.)

good morning, newt!
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scotto piercing gaze superhero

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Stephen King is going to retire from horror writing? Hm.. I'm proud of him for moving on, and admitting when a well is dry. Plenty of other genres to write for.

My brother can't make it tomorrow... change of plans.

Looks like my trip to los olas is going to be either postponed or solo. A rework is on order. Perhaps schedule a meeting with Robyn and talk about the website... tag a few contacts. Maybe hit a few museums, and a movie.

going to lay down for a little nap...

May joy and innocence prevail.
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scotto piercing gaze superhero

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What a keen picture. I wonder if the central effect was intentional, or if random happenstance caused that raindrop to reflect the sign so clearly; whatever the cause, the image is the kind that I wish my brain would help me compose when I'm behind my camera.

I got a giftie by messenger, just now [6:10pm] from my sweetheart. :) What a lovely surprise! Just in time to fill my reading queue. Lovely wrapping paper, too! Thank you!
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