February 8th, 2002

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And I thought I had a bad day yesterday!

Holy cow...

I get this in my daily email back and forth to my brother -
A cop crashed into me on my bike chasing someone. I hit my head on the pavement pretty hard and my back hurts but I did not scrape my face, so that's good. I am O.K. I got a ticket( bogus one ) I am taking it to court. I have a lawyer and he said every thing will be paid for; Bike, Doc., etc.

I want to call him up and talk with him about it, but he just sent the mail 4 hours ago. I hope he got checked out at the emergency room...I imagine that he did, he's smart about stuff like that. (and no stranger to the ER... he's been batted around a few times on cars and bikes.)

If any readers get a moment to, today, send him a prayer, a warm fuzzy or healing thought...whatever works best for you.

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scotto piercing gaze superhero

Why is there a Bible in every hotel room?

Many would suspect the Gideon Society has something to do with it.

The Gideons, formed in 1899 in Janesville, Wisconsin, are the oldest Christian business and professional men's association in the United States with 130,000 members located in more than 170 countries.
In the early days, most of the Gideons were traveling salesmen who wanted to be effecitve Christian witnesses while on the road. They decided to place a Bible at the reception desk in each hotel they frequented so patrons could borrow it. The Bible also served as a silent witness in these hotels after the Gideons had checked out. Today, the Gideons place more than 45,000,000 bibles annually in prisons, hospitals, military bases and, of course, hotel rooms.

But if you want to know who started the phenomenon of placing Bibles in hotel rooms, the credit goes to the International Bible Society.

Founded in 1809 in New York, the International Bible Society is one of the leading publishers of ethnic scriptures, publishing Bibles in more than 350 languages (the 1810 Bengali translation is still in use in India). The IBS provided Bibles to Civil War soldiers, and, according to communications coordinator Stephanie Nelson, started putting Bibles in hotels in 1823 -- more than 75 years before the Gideons started their ministry.

There is no jealousy or competitive fervor between the groups. Each expresses admiration for the other's work.

You've got to admire both. They just want everyone to curl up with a Good Book.
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Walkies were nice, but I kept them brief this morning. Wonderfully cool out, comfortable to walk around. Now I'm freshly showered and shaved, and have scooted the dreamsicle off of the laptop's keyboard. I wonder what the allure of that location is. Craving blueberry muffins... I wonder if I have time to swing past the grocery store's bakery en route to work? It's payday, and Friday! Huzzah!

before I dress and dash...

Tiffany is posing in playboy?! Does she need the publicity? Does she want to do it? (Has she had a gig since singing for Judy Jetson?)

Note to self, bring all of your w-2s home, and do taxes tonight. Don't forget apheresis appointment tomorrow. Bring your own movie, since last time all of the ones of interest had been viewed. Bring Camera?
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Foul stench of the chupacabra's dragon breath and ear raking wail of her gibbering tongue's beginning to grate on my nerves. Aside from that, things aren't going too badly. I've got a heightened olfactory sense lately.

Yesterday, small hands came in and gave us all a big whiff of his cologne; Eau de Fruit Cup with a hint of sissy pants... a nostril-closing extravaganza that also wiped out everyone in Kev's office a floral thing from the discount area of the dollar store, methinks. I had to open the door and fan it back and forth, begging the Brownian motion fairies for his fragrance to disperse more quickly. Chupacabra was her usual mix of fogged out smoker / coffee stink that was more offensive to me than many of the urine soaked vagrants I've had the unfortunate chance to share wind with.

Losing the net is really killing some aspects of productivity, but it can be worked around. No more digging on the net for good scripts or tutorials on how to do something now... Just crack the reference guides open and dig deep. I suppose it's better in the long run, with more actual learning and thought going into the procedures instead of quick fixes. Deadlines are going to have to be extended to meet the need, though. You'd be amazed what a quick dig on the net will bring up for ideas on how to get a certain procedure done. Now, it'll be pure local strengths instead of the global community. (At least until 5pm.) After that, all bets are off, and research can resume as normal.

I think the more pesky loss of the net on these systems is the lack of live updates to a few of the software packages, like Norton and BCC. I suppose we can do it via floppy or something, but not nearly as convenient. All of our FTP-ing has to be done via one lone machine in the corner. Bah. I weep for the day that the machine in question goes down, crippling the whole department.

I saw that my latest lj id user number person mskaren911 (a coworker, and a nice person to boot) has a new reader, canyoncat. And he'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on... I wonder if he tripped over her page via mine? I suspect so, as I was the only one linked to her up until that point. Either that, or it's a weird co-inky-dinky via hiking interests.
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just got the lowdown on my brother's accident.

The cop was pursuing a guy making an illegal turn, didn't see my brother on his bike. Nailed him, brother rolled over the hood of the car and then landed pile-driver style on the other end of the car, and blacked out. EMTs showed up, gave him a once over, and Accident control came and took pictures of the accident site. The cop is claiming he was at a full stop, and wrote bro a $80 ticket for "irresponsible use of sidewalk"... Brother's been to a lawyer, and between the photos, witnesses and other evidence there's a solid case for dropping the ticket and paying for his hospital bills. The cop's going to burn... and I say flame on. not excessively, just enough to pay his due.

Tonight, he started having trouble breathing and was throwing up... he's going to the emergency room as we speak. I think he will be ok... I reinforced a number of times for him to bring my phone number and information, so that if he needs me, he can reach me. (He didn't want me grabbing a cab and joining him. He's going to sit tight, fill out forms, and chill.) The EMTs didn't feel he had a concussion, thank goodness. I'm he's getting additional treatment... as his regular doctor made him wait yesterday for an hour before saying "we don't do accidents"... um... what's that mean? only self-inflicted, deliberate wounds?

So... we'll see where this goes.
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