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February 10th, 2002

"Hey Scotto! What're you doing up at this hour, on a Sunday?"

"Why, nibbling on blueberries and making rice krispie treats, of course. What else?" No, really, that's what I'm doing now.

Actually, I've been up for about two hours now. The body said "Hey there, boyo... you're done sleeping for a bit, why don't you read a good book?"... so I obliged it. I finished Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gas Mask. Excellent popcorn book for me, comfortable light reading. Has a lot of the weirdness and sentimental stuff that I enjoy so well. I read it slowly, savoring it, as it is a gift from my sweetie.

Feb. 10th, 2002

Well, it's wonderfully cool out, I think walkies might be in order. be back in a few hours, or when the rain gets too heavy.
a walk in light rain does wonders... I took a slow route up to lighthouse point, meandered in a wide circle, and headed back.

I'm home now, and have showered off the natural wet, getting newtie kisses. I missed getting a call from the brother and danny by inches.... calling 'em backski... derek's line is busy. dan's grading papers, and making tests.

*sending adoring, healing and cherishing vibes to my sweetie*

*vibitty-vibe vibe*

I do love her so. :)
shaolin soccer - pick up a copy, next time at the japanese market. if it's no good, smack tarpo around like a stooge. or better yet, let Newt have him for a toy. :)

also, this explains why my journal was in read-only mode earlier. (thanks, leftyrok! )

I need to add one of these things to my hidden volcano base. Do I really have to wait until 2025 to control the weather? I'll pass on the transporter, though.
tulpa idea...

man was expecting his wife, tulpa mimics her. tulpa gains more wifely aspect rapidly, from family and local friends. tulpa plots to kill original wife, a struggle ensues, husband comes home to discover his wife standing over his wife's body. did the tulpa die? the wife? solutions?

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