February 19th, 2002

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A lovely morning. I had divine dreams last night and was quite comfily (is that a word?) nestled under the covers, happy and in a nice niche. Woke about ten minutes before I set my alert to get me out of bed... and got an early start. it was warm enough to go out at dawn, I walked to the ampitheatre and back. The String Cheese Incident is coming to play there in a few months! That's a concert I'd really enjoy hearing...I've dug most of the tracks on the website, too, if you're into the Grateful Dead / Phish-style stuff. They're a west-coast band.. I don't know that they've ever journeyed to Florida before. They were doing shared venue with Tenacious D, but I don't know if D'll be making it to where I'm at... I hope so.. they're a hoot, too. Who knows? Maybe I'll catch it...it's a Sunday night though. We'll see.

The things that bring her to my mind...
Nothing would be better
Than to see you again;
To sail in a little boat;
To wait the plums that
Bloom in snow and frost;
Wander together
Beside the shallows
Of cold pools.

- Feng Tzu-Chen

As a parting note - Guinness confirms longest ear hair world record *shudder* Is there a nose-hair competition, too?
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scotto monkeypulse

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The Swiss are up to no good. Maybe this will be an alternate to my secret volcano base for a blur building. Braincoats for everyone!

On that note, I head off to bed, with a mug of lemon spice tea, the books synched to my palmtop, and visions of peace and love in my head.
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