March 16th, 2002

Kind lady

Last night's dreams

dream last night, the ides of march I went to bed sort of early last night, to get a long, deep sleep. I woke up about 4 am and doodled a quick piccie on the palm... took me about a half hour, then I snugged back to snoozeville. Not bad for having a sleepy kitty on my neck. (It loops after about a 30 second pause, if you want to see it go by again.)

I don't recall the follow-up dreams later, but they were quite comforting, as well. Nice stuff... makes the whole day feel brighter.

Hmmm... now then, what's for brunch? Apple Jacks, OJ, and peanut butter toast are looking good to me... and then a hot shower.

got a nifty e-card from One World Journeys by way of flying_blind... Thanks to him and Sluggo! :)

Today's Keywords - Messy Apartment on MSN search has Newtcam as #1! :) Dubious.

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travels - where the road leads

recalling a cool old link - Maybe a new meme?

please sign my guestmap ....careful...That arrow is tricky. :)

I've also put a link to it on my bio page.

Poll #23343 did you?

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Kind lady

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Bert's Love Song
sung by Bert

Look at them
And look at us
One is Francine
One is Gus
Lots of people
Think they're boring
But we don't
Not us

He is gray
And so is she
You like pigeons
Just like me
Lots of people
Think we're silly
But I don't
Not me

We go for the same kind
Of music
Any old rousing march
Will do

We both like the same
Kind of oatmeal
It's no good without
A lump or two

Watch them soar
Up to the sky
They are flying
So am I

Lots of people
Just don't understand
But you do
And so

You like oatmeal
I do too
You like paperclips
Me too!
You play checkers
I do too
You like me
And I
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Kind lady

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The Complete Newgate Calendar
An 18th-19th century English volume of ghastly true-crime stories. Learn about timeless con games, botched executions, unlawful marriages, and much much more.

Game publicity plan raises grave concerns
A computer games firm has been accused of pushing back the frontiers of bad taste after it announced that it was seeking to advertise its latest title on gravestones.

I really enjoyed this article, "Can there be a decent left?", which examines the future of American liberals and asks good questions. I think the key to the article is when the left seeks a just distribution of resources, they ignore the resource of morality. In other words, they see morality as an internal issue, an American resource, and are far more concerned with the just distribution of morality within our borders than with every country, large and small, around the world. It is a subjective viewpoint that removes morality from any conversation not beginning with, "The problem with America . . ."

I'm not sure where I fall in the ordained political spectrum these days. I support both abortion and capital punishment within certain careful parameters, and prize civil liberties while also understanding the importance of deception in diplomacy and government. I've staked out positions which make sense to me, yet cannot recognize the terrain they are planted in. But that's fine. I'd rather continue to think and struggle than accept anyone's comfortable dictates.
Kind lady

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Updated the community bio to include the hut's memories page. Pehaps this'll help with the eternal pad vs. tamppon debate, and the "does anyone know about the keeper" threads that pop up every so often. (at least we can point folks to other comments that've already been made.) I think of particular note are the remedies and links header.

gah....took me 3 hours to read it over, top to bottom. it surprises me that I got through it all in one night, honestly. I was planning on doing one or two months a night, but got a wild hare. It wasn't all manual, though. I did a little macro to help me bounce through the days and scroll though the calenndar (empty days goofed me up a little), looking for links, an entry with more than 15 replies( a hot discussion) and certain keywords. it took about 20 minutes to set up the subheadings (like links, debate, or remedies) but then, it was just clicketty-clicketty, with a quick eyeballing to be sure it looks good before comitting it to memories. I love it when a project comes together that quickly.
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