March 20th, 2002

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Happy Spring!


Newtie was extra snugglesome last evening. Maybe because I brushed my teeth so soon before bed. (usually I hit the sack an hour or two after brushies... last night is was brush and plop)

I'm wearing socks. If I'm going to be wearing shoes to work daily, I'd better get some more socks. (I only own 3 pair.) Usually, the only time I wear 'em is to fancy dress occaisions, like weddings, funerals or court.

It hurt my sciatica to put on my left sock... I'm going to mention that to Kev when I get in today. It's on now, so I'll wear 'em today. I can sit crosslegged, but being a giant, I have to stretch my leg considerably to make the foot reach my hands. I've got long arms and legs.

Appointment for my X-ray is tomorrow at 10:45am. Let's hope they're speedier than my pokey doc. I've noticed that I have trouble wiggling the toes on my left foot, and there is some numbness across the top.

Gear on today - Black birkenstock shoes (time for me to get some he-clogs.)

Khaki pants, medum brown socks with some tan shot through, green & cream plaid shirt, hair in a low pony. forest green hair tie. The boxers match the shirt.
scotto monkeypulse

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It's a good thing that some folks turn off comments in entries when they ask rhetorical questions.

on a totally different track -

niftiest lj_nifty I've seen in a while! here. it only works for paid users... change out the scottobear to your user name, if you like.

annnd - The directory (search) is up and running, and is currently only serving paid accounts, permanent accounts, and early adopter accounts. Once it is completely optimised and we can dedicate another server or two, it will be opened up to all accounts, with free accounts only having a limited subset of access.

also added 2 icons to the menstrualhut. they'll only show up if the user has no default pic, however.