April 12th, 2002

scotto monkeypulse

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The baha men are trying to push a new album... didn't anyone tell them that "who let the dogs out" is a one hit wonder song?

I'm sort of fiddling with pictures lately, making skins of my beloved, Newton (once I get a big-cat framework), and myself as superheroes for freedom force.

The Carpet Cougar, Magnificent Moonflower, and being known only as the Pod...I'm still debating what powers to give each.

I think Newt-hero will get a cybernetic brain, blitzkrieg, claws, superleap, running speed and charming appearance, to start.... Maybe a surprise attack, too... stealth?

Holy cow! look at the time! I've got to get to work!
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scotto monkeypulse

(no subject)

Where, oh where is my beautiful, sweet beloved?

Ah well, I'll putter about while I wait for her to appear.

Congrats to Kidalicious on the new arrival! go say hey, and give 'em hugs!

New Moon tonight... dark and lovely out.