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May 28th, 2002

May. 28th, 2002

I need to get another straight razor... disposables are wasteful, don't do as good a job, and my electric is really of only any value at trimming. Hot water seems to last a *lot* longer with no neighbors on either side of me... I wonder if the heater is on a community line?

No walkies this morning... *cues Queen* thunder and lightning, very very frightening *sends 'em off stage*

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Hmm... I wonder why I don't get birthday notifications anymore...the only reason I remembered it was rgladiator's was that I popped in via my portal, and even that's being a little silly today. Sleeping late with a cat is doing pretty well, 12 wins out of 17 votes, with a score of 48.

10 ways to sneak fabric into the house is showing up again on the search engines entering my site... from both Google and yahoo, and I've gotten an email about it... apparently it's some sort of poem. If I ever do find the whole quote, I'll host it in my blog, just so other people can find it. I've taken about 14 hits in the last week or so from that criteria.

Is thirsty a mood?


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Playing with the "pictograph" cave art idea again for my home page. (the black and white will be colorized, and have decent alt tags, of course.

gollum taxiGollum drove my ride into work today. Thick, leathery hands on the steering wheel, tipped with long, sharp-looking talons perfectly suited for ripping fish from a river or peeling the flesh from a wayward goblin or two. A jutting lower jaw and heavy upper lip gave him an ape-like appearance... swarthy olive, almost greenish skin tones made the whites of his eyes glow all the brighter, though I didn't get a sense of him seeing in the dark... he was perhaps a bit more muscular and large than a hobbit turned by evil... he was quite nice, and had a deep, but somewhat raspy voice. I don't think Gollum had the big muppety eyebrows, either.

Brother called an acting agency, and they want a headshot... and they hooked him up with photographers that'll do it for the cost of film. I'm going to get in on this, too...I think it'd be neat to be in a beer commercial or something.

May. 28th, 2002

I like the word "Victrola".

It makes me think of humorous evil, my sweetheart, Caruso, and sea life.

Hitting the sack... nighty night, dear journal.

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