July 21st, 2002

scotto monkeypulse

visit- public consumption

Had a nice visit with Dan this morning, while his Mrs. was at church... He taught me how to play the pokemon card game, which is cute... I beat him two games of three.. Orcs in the hood, we each won a game.

got home, and found a few messages on the machine... I suspect that my social day is over, though... I imagine that Dave has already headed to the movies or whatnot.

Dan's house wasn't so bad without A/C... we played on the porch with oscillating fans, and a storm front moved in.. nice cool air and dark clouds.
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scotto monkeypulse

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back from the film... not a bad little monster movie.

nicely done.

sparky the fire dog would've had a tough time.

Just home, and the rain begins to fall.... cannot resist the venus flytrap that is Newt and a freshly-linened bed!

Thoughts of her were with me everywhere today... I saw her smile this morning when I woke, and thought of her scent as I bathed... she does truly reside in my heart.