August 17th, 2002

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On my formative years... Saturday mornings when I was seven.

I was *always* torn at 11ish... Ark II vs. Krofft supershow vs. Land of the Lost.

Ark II had a talking chimp.

Krofft - the colors! the spandex! the bay city rollers. I remember seeing them singing Saturday night.

Land of the Lost... Sleestaks and Dinosaurs. I hated the humans on the show, though. I sided with the reptiles.

Possibly Scotto's secret origin?

The best list of possible band names ever.

This makes me think of sweetalyssm's puppyfrog. Good plan, crab of ineffable wisdom!

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Off to do laundry, and morning cleaning chores!
scotto piercing gaze superhero

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I got my recorder!


Dorky me played yankee doodle on the way home.

The Recorder, guitar and piano are all "c" instruments, so the compliment one another nicely. :) I hope to play a duet with my sweetie on guitar sometime soon.

I wouldn't mind doing Gigue in G with her...(midi link) Yeah, it's Handel... I dig his stuff. Pretty complex work.. I'd have to practice it for a while to get the flipper-notes right.

see also - Courante #3 and Courante #11

Going to play some more. until later, dear journal.
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scotto piercing gaze superhero

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Nice, illuminating and silly talk with my sweetheart, ranging from ylang ylang, nation of islam, and ringworm.

now, it's time for a little recorder practice and sleep.

nighters, dear journal.
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