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September 3rd, 2002

Sep. 3rd, 2002

http://www.oz.net/~davester/AFOS/Band/mikethen.JPG Hmm... upon this morning's shave, I was doing a dopey "flock of seagulls" dance in front of the mirror...and I came to realize that after the 80s, the 90s and now must have been a terrible blow to the hair-care industry. Sure, folks still shampoo, dye and such, but all that gel, spray and stuff for both sexes in the hair-band & punk music prime time... demand must've plummeted.

Sakes...like in So I Married an Axe Murderer... the hair is "Like Sputnik...spherical, but quite pointy in parts."

Bush by the Numbers, as Told by a Diligent Scorekeeper Nifty statistics.

I hope an Indian summer isn't coming. I wonder if it'll happen. I guess baseball didn't strike... I find myself not wanting to bother to look up the reasons why or why not...I do have a gut-urge that they had, though.

potty-mouthed art that I approve ofCollapse )
Wayne White. More here.

random Scotto factoid... my first crush was on my babysitter's best friend, Pittah. (Actually Patty, but they called her by the nickname, because there was another Patty in her social group., so they called her what they called her. get it? Pittah- Patty? Nyuk.) I was perhaps 4ish? My babysitter much preferred the little brother, whom she called "Derry-berry", and eventually named her own child after him. Her name?

Oh... they're selling custom Mach 5's for $72,500.... or you can get Racer X's vehicle.

I have to protect a friend from a weirdo, before it's too late.

Sep. 3rd, 2002

Dear Newton,

... Stop stealing Sabretooth, and hiding him behind the litter box. This is the third time.

Your loving mother.

Thing learned today-

In 388 BC, Plato went to the court of Dionysius, ruler of Syracuse, hoping to be taken on as philosopher-in-residence. From The Essential Plato by Paul Strathern:

Dionysius was not the kind of man to let himself be cowed by some philosophic nob who was trying to cadge a job at his court. When he and Plato turned to discussing philosophy, the sparks soon began to fly. At one point Plato found himself forced to point out a flaw in Dionysius' thinking.

'You speak like a geriatric fool,' exclaimed Dionysius in disgust.

'And you speak like a tyrant,' replied Plato.

Whereupon Dionysius decided to live up to the philosopher's observations and had Plato clapped in irons. Plato was placed on a Spartan ship bound for Aegina, where the captain was instructed to sell Plato as a slave. 'Don't worry, he's so much of a philosopher he won't even notice,' remarked Dionysius... And it wasn't long before Plato was spotted in the slave market at Aegina by his well-heeled old friend Anniceris the Cyrenaic, who bought him for the bargain price of twenty mina. Anniceris was so pleased with his cut-price philosopher that he sent him back to Athens with enough money to set up a school.

I never knew that.

Until later, dear journal... off to work.

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