September 11th, 2002

scotto monkeypulse

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Hmm... Why does Newt leaping into the litter box to do his duty immediately after I clean it out crack me up so much?

"Hey! This doesn't smell like *my potty*! I'd better pee, and then rooster tail a little of the sand! That’s better!" Maybe he likes adjusting the sands, a la a Zen garden... albeit with tootsie rolls after digesting.

He's been a playful little guy all morning...playing milk ring fetch like a good boy... it really makes me happy when he brings me the ring, and drops it in front of me, out of the blue. I know he digs the quality time with his mamma-pod, and I surely do, too.

Back to Newtie-play. :)
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scotto monkeypulse

(no subject)

It's raining nicely, and I'm home and in a comfy place. people at work were respectful and kind, today. Happy for it.

Dinner is warming on the stove. rice, tofu, broccoli and peanut sauce.

I'm counting blessings tonight. There's a lot of 'em out there... and a few in here, too. Love, life, knowledge, the senses. Relief. Hope.

G'night, dear journal.
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