October 17th, 2002

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Rather cool out this morning.... quite nice, really. Tomorrow, I'm going to remember the GPS, and measure my downhill speed over the drawbridge. I suspect that I'm hitting 25ish mph there. (But I could be vastly overestimating) Note to big-breasted women with too-small bras... the "split-boobie foursome" look isn't good. Find a top that fits, please. I worry that a too-tight brassiere is cutting off circulation, or is painful in some way.

This weekend I'm swinging by PPF to pick up a bag of 100 glow in the dark zombies, and the Zombies!!! game... a friend there is giving me an employee discount, where he's throwing in the extra zombie-bag for free! I've got to make a point to send a few zombies to friends and family.

Some maintenance guys doing yard work out back... Newt's fascinated. It's impressive to me that he's not frightened of the noise. I think that if he got near a blower, he'd take off, though.

A pic of newt from a few months ago... I'm thinking of submitting it to kittypix or color theory

Spiky, sporadic dreams last night... I don't remember them too well, because I neglected to commit them to memory right as I woke. I do remember that they were pleasant for the most part, but some adrenaline in there, too.

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Looks like I missed out on hanging out with the bro last night.. I didn't get home until nine or so, and he was wanting to goof at about 7...I went off my day schedule a day too early! Ah well, hopefully we'll play some jax and dexter this weekend, over a pizza.

moloko4 pointed out Operation Flashpoint to me... looks really nice from a dev and gaming point of view.

Hello Kitty Toasters!

They've updated the visual thesaurus... I could play with it for hours. or, if extra lazy, turn autopilot on under display options.

Latest Evil Messenger Spam - How's your port 135 lookin'?
scotto monkeypulse

If Zombies walked the earth, I'd wear a helmet.

Erica came by tonight with Bailey, so that he and Dexter could run around and play, while she caught us up on what's new in her life... work/school/dance pretty much. She mentioned that she's looking for an after-hours job...I don't know how she can handle that sort of workload... you'd think that she'd like four free hours a week to rest and recover. I suspect that she's tight for money right now, though.

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My sweetheart's going out Saturday night... What to do with myself while she's hanging with her squad? I think I'll play video games with the bro, or teach him the Zombies game.... sakes, Payday's going to be welcome... a few unexpected expenditures this last month or so, and it'll be nice to replace those funds.

There’s a LiveJournal Meetup at the starbucks right up the street from me...but I'm not going, I'll be at work, I don't know any of them, and it seems to be a younger crowd than I'm used to. (16-year-old Goth girls, generally...I think I'm better off)

A bit of history -
Hat Pins are Really Menacing by Alton E. Gasso.

I was a passenger on a Chicago South Side elevated train the other evening and was standing in the aisle holding a strap when a young woman approached and in the crowd tore my face with her hat pin as she passed. I was very fortunate that my eye was not seriously injured.

Had she been a little taller or had I been shorter such an injury would have resulted. The pin projected fully two or three inches over the side of her hat.

It seems almost incredible that in a civilized community women will wear such dangerous weapons in their hats.

If they must wear them, why not have the sharp projecting ends protected by some kind of shield?

Would it not be a good thing for the city fathers to take notice of this pestiferous and dangerous menace to life and limb?

The writer is not actuated by any desire to be frivolous, but as a victim of that hat pin he would be glad to save some other person from a like injury.

-Minnetonka Record, February 4, 1910

Made a zombie icon, but he needs tweaking... he works well as an army, though...