November 21st, 2002

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Dopey Action/Adventure movie script point - When someone in the film says "This isn't a movie, it's real life!"

Audio books for free.

Chewy Chips ahoy are weak Soft-batch cookie imitations. (Soft batch is far superior, as far as I'm concerned). Don't buy 'em, unless that's what you're looking for. I mistakenly eyeballed over the "chewy" definition. I like homemade cookies soft, cookies in a bag to be crunchy. I discovered this right before bed last night. I blame them for my non-memory of last night's dreams.

Cool hubcap monsters (I'm spreading the link that's been spread all over already bifurcated/mefi/boingboing and others)

Lovely precipitation last night and this morning... Hard to beat being curled up in bed while it's raining. I also attribute my dream-memory loss to that, as I didn't want to get up and commit the dream to memory.

I'm enjoying the fact that I have a straight-edge to shave with again... keeps those parts of my face that I prefer to be hairless baby-butt smooth.

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I'm happy that next week only has three work days... I feel a minor headache seed forming behind my right eye... I hope that it passes before it blossoms.

A well-written New York Times piece on today's "ideal" feminine form. The article covers not only image, but also eating disorders and how size affects the menstrual cycle as well.

As Dr. Rose E. Frisch, professor emeritus at the Harvard School of Public Health, points out in "Female Fertility and the Body Fat Connection", "Something so small as a five-pound weight loss or gain around the threshold weight can turn menstrual cycles on or off."

The brain says no to producing the hormones needed for ovulation, Dr. Frisch says, because "underweight women do not have the relative fatness necessary to have a viable infant."
Good to see this in the media.
scotto monkeypulse

I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray...

yum... I took a side route home today, and came across an empanada stand.

Any Guesses as to what I'm having for supper? Zucchini, portabella mushrooms, onions, green olives and spinach in a pastry shell, with spicy olive oil and who-knows what dip. numma-num

man, it's good. I'm certainly going to return there. I also grabbed a beer, which was also a spur of the moment decision.

Dexter and Bailey were by today, but I'm too lazy right now to transfer and resize piccies. Maybe tomorrow night.

The Hut is at 809 members. Vagpagina has a 1117, and they ask for monetary support via paypal, cafe press-based clothing, postcards and such. I wonder how much money they make? I think it's sort of shabby asking for money, unless they donate it to a valid charity of some sort... there's really *no* effort needed at all to maintain the hut's community at all. Maybe I'm spoiled by just having had very few problems with folks? Vagpag Started 9/19/2001. The Hut was created 2/23/2001, and I remember thinking that they were a copycat community at the time, but I know now that they have a much stronger feminist bent, rather than the hut's biological and general support feel.

If I walked a mile in most folks' shoes, I'd be hurting.. I wear size 15 American. I do need to pick up a new pair of shoes... maybe two. Perhaps I'll swing by the birk store when I get Mayah's birthday prezzie.

I abstained from the office's secret Santa again this year.

I've learned a lot about GIMP art program (Linux) and GIMP for Windows the last few days... I'm amazed at how powerful an image editor it is, and I'm finally getting the knack of layer-based image fiddling.
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