November 23rd, 2002

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Back from Mayah's b'day party... lots of babies and little children (ages 10 mos to about 11 years) there, all of them angels. Many hippies, grandparents and friendlies there.

I got tons and tons of affection from the kids there... they know instinctively that I'm no danger, and a pushover to boot. I got all sorts of warm fuzzies and playtime in. Mayah liked the little purple outfits a lot.

Mayah and her birfday cake! What a cutie pie!
Yummy!! (note her lovely Hemp bracelet...) :)

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I got a nifty bit of terrain at Eckerd’s (picture in the cut) before breakfast (I swung into Eckerd’s to look for some supposed Captain Nemo bestseller Dan was talking about.. no dice...I think someone moved a Nemo book to the bestseller shelf or something. A winter Pavilion; just perfect for mage knight. I'm going to have to see how my customs look inside it in a little bit. After, we got hummus bagels and OJ... my bagels were salt, his poppy seed. I also got a cup of coffee to go with.

The Expo was interesting.. Mart Nodell (Creator of the golden age Green Lantern, and The Pillsbury Dough boy) is a nifty guy, and very talkative I've met him a few times now (he lives in west palm beach) and he seems to have a lot more on the ball lately. Last time, he was getting pretty old and confused. Sara Douglas (Ursa form Superman II) still looks dang good, far younger than I'd thought. Richard Hatch (Apollo from Battlestar Galactica) on the other hand... well.. he needs to wear a shirt with sleeves is all I'm sayin'.

Cosplayers... there were quite a few excellent costumes, and a couple of "That character and you haven't got remotely the same body shape". I'm rather disappointed that the gross (in more than one sense of the word) majority of the snaps didn't come out.

I don't know why I didn't take celeb piccies.

The selection of stuff was very diverse... I'm still thinking about picking up a Kimono for myself tomorrow. Lots of nifty vintage comic/ movie stuff, and unusual crafts like custom glassblowing.

The gaming area was a travesty. Populated by the most off-putting parodies of unwashed and socially retarded gamer-types, Dan and I decided instead to adjourn to the park next door, play outside in fresh air, sunshine, and some peace and quiet. After playing a match, we took off for Toys R Us, and picked up Mayah's birthday outfits. I couldn't settle on a good educational, fun toy... so clothes did the trick.

The Video area was quite nice... Anime was showing Escaflowne on a big screen in a little theatre area.

No go for Dave tomorrow, so I can get my chores done first thing, and out of the way by noonish, I think.
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