December 13th, 2002

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Yikes. It was a nightmare of some sort. I knew it. Frightening enough to wake me from a sound sleep, and jarring enough that I don't remember a moment of it.

back to bed.
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First phrase heard after waking - "Everybody loves mass-produced cream-filled pastries!" - Dan Ackroyd in Caddyshack 2. (It's been since switched back off)

Fell back asleep shortly after waking up, and slept another 4 hours. Newt was good enough to not patty-pat my face until about 8:30, so I think I have enough rest under my belt. I recall bits and fragments of the dreams from that time. Baked Alaska? I've not had that in ages. There was a large library, and there was a baked alaska on a table in the middle. I'm not sure if people were there... I don't remember talking to any, or running from any (the two main things I do with most folks in dreams) though there was some sort of problem with the room... a gas leak or electrical trouble.

The Balloonhats project: two balloon-hat making photographers who toured the world, convincing strangers to wear balloon hats and pose for photos.

Anyhow… off to catch a bus. until later, dear journal.

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Thank you zoe for the holiday fudge, and Newt *loves* his little fuzzy dinosaur...the perfect size. We're playing fetch with it right now!

Zen stories to tell your neighbors

Zombie Jamboree
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Danny and I won with our entry in the California Tomato Recipe contest. Loot consists of a lovely handwritten letter of congratulations, a XL T-shirt, a fridge magnet, and a pen as well a set of California Recipe cards. (It was a group effort, so I'm claiming the fridge magnet, and he's keeping the rest of the stuff) Groovy! First Chex mix, now this! For the record, the tomato recipe we used was made up whole cloth, not unlike Sven Berg.