January 8th, 2003

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Happy Birthday Elvis!

Online collection of '60s lesbian-themed pulp fiction book jackets. Priceless kitsch titles include: "Killer Dyke," "Twincest," "Bedroom a Go Go," Abnormals Anonymous," "The Torrid Wench," "Wall Street Wantons," and "Art Colony Perverts." -via boing^2

Scrapple. Oh the humanity.

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Random word - smoke

So many people in my life are / have been smokers. Even if they don't smoke now, it seems that they all carry the craving with them, waiting to be let out again. I've tried it a couple of times, but I don't like it as a delivery system. Tobacco or Pot, both are unpalatable to me when burned and inhaled.

People in my heart who smoke / smoked - Sweetheart. Brother. Father.

My Sweetheart burning Champa, the lights low, our voices soft murmurs as we drift to sleep in one another's arms. I want her to feel security, comfort and love there...I know I'm happiest with her in my life.

My Brother catching himself on fire early in the morning, and the smell of the burnt flesh of a six year old. A real life example of not playing with matches. He suffered many months of changing medicated bandages for treating third degree burns.

My Dad's cherry pipe tobacco. Smelled great raw and unsmoked. The scent still is one of him nearby.

Remembering smoke as an altar boy. the incense waving, as opposed to the tapering line coming off of sticks of Nag Champa, first a perfect lipped line, like a track for hot wheels cars, then after a certain distance, rolls, ripples and waves breaking into a near invisible haze as the tiny burned bits of ash and oil carry a calming scent throughout the room.

Observation aside - I was a boy scout, went to summer camp, and was an altar boy. There was not even a hint of adults in positions of authority hurting kids or anyone else. I had genuinely good experiences at all of them.

I wonder about the monastic life. There's a certain appeal to a day filled with prayer, work, music, writing, study and contemplation. It's something I'd like to have in my past, though...like fresh out of school. A more appealing life to me now would include my beloved and a good does of laughter, as well as many elements of the above, especially the more secular ones.

Stop clock - 9:30am (a little over 5...wasn't counting seconds)

Typos – burned-buned experiences-experiances
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travels - where the road leads

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The Young Man's Book of Amusement is just the sort of archaic, dangerous book I used to prowl libraries for as a kid. It's crammed with highly inadvisable science projects such as an artificial volcano that's arguably not artificial at all. It is amusingly described by the father of a young man who received this book as a gift from Michael Faraday.

Yesterday, Oolong the famous waffle-balancing rabbit, died.Rest in peace, our pastry-laden friend. (via memepool)

Al Sharpton: 'I am running for president' Oh yeah... Like he has a snowball's chance. There's some wasted money that'd be better spent on charity elsewhere.

Another difficult HMO nonsense day, though not as rough as earlier. Neurologist on Friday. Light's getting brighter.

Bro's getting tired of me bellowing, "Don't let Newt get out!" every time he comes over. He finally told me that he knows to guard, and that my eternal reminders are unneeded. Fair enough. I'm glad of it...I've had nightmares about the little orange boy making an escape into the wild and then getting lost or endangered in some way. Let's see...I moved in July, he's been over about 2x a week, give or take...so that's 50 times or so.

Tonight was Manicotti night. Yumitty yum yum. Nice to have a full belly and a nice moment of rest.

Tony Bennett in profile has some striking similarities to Ricardo Montalban.

Most recent compliment received- "I wish the very best for you. You are one of those rare people who are kind and gentle. You deserve life to be as wonderful as possible!" - Rachel via email.
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