January 9th, 2003

scotto piercing gaze superhero

been in write only mode all day.

Good morning, good morning, good morning...And what a lovely day it is. Rise and shine, rise and shine !
Before our program of early morning music, here are two announcements: the long range weather forecast is that the fine spell will continue for at least another month; your local council, and remember it is your local council democratically elected by you, have decided to organize a great new competition.

Can you paint? Can you draw? Can you model in clay? If you can, then your day is just six weeks today. All about it later, but now music...

name generators found via squarerootofpi

My Elf name - Glorfindel Oronar
Newt's Elf Name - Findecáno Oronar

My Hobbit Name - Bungo Burrows (heh.. sounds like a gay bar in Fort Lauderdale)
Newt's Hobbit Name - Dimple Burrows (A stripper in that same bar?)

Life in Antarctica... interesting observations to me.

Who didn't know that all the giant wiener spam was a pack of lies?

The status of Live Journal:

At 3:44 pm EST on Thursday, January 9th, Admin jproulx writes :
From lj_maintenance:

We're going to be taking the Chef Cluster (Where am I?) offline while we rebuild the indices from its database. This should take care of the "Duplicate entry xxxxx-xxx for key 1" errors a lot of people have received today.

Estimated time to fix is about an hour right now, if there are no other problems along the way.
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