January 11th, 2003

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Is it evil to want to spread fake rumors about how the last Lord of the Rings movie is going to end? So many people are asking me this and that about the story, because it's cool, but can't be bothered to read the book. Maybe I should just tell them the truth about how Sauron has a change of heart, goes to make up, Frodo give him the ring, and they all live in a happy little urban-industrial complex where orcs and elves can coexist in peace.

Nipple Scarves

Via raven

Something called "volunteer" executions have been on the rise, tripling over the last decade. Collapse )

Here's a wrap-up of a few of the new laws we're starting with in 2003: Collapse )

I really dislike when I get a "boosh" on my instant messenger, and instead of it being someone I want to talk to, it's a spambot wanting me to go to some website I'm not interested in. I suppose I should turn back on "accept messages from known users only".

I'm wondering if vax-d treatment is legit or quackery. More research is due.
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