January 13th, 2003

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I'm so glad Court TV shows COPS, late night. (It's neat that I've seen all the episodes used in the poll at the site... the one with the three-wheel chase also had a super-cool one-legged cop run a burglar down.) I can thank my sweetheart for getting me interested in the show... Our first real regular date-night TV show, if I remember correctly.

I'm surprised woman with knife is so far ahead in the polls.

Checking out police auctions online... neat. Sort of like Ebay for impounded goods.

tucking in... nigh nigh, dear journal.
scotto monkeypulse

We're workin' our jobs, collect our pay

Solid day of work today.

Got some keeno belated Prezzies today... Young Frankenstein on DVD, Command and Conquer: Renegade and a Nifty Action figure of Worf, for Newt to beat up.

Time for a new universal remote. The old one dropped, and now changing channels is a thing you have to get up to do. Volume and power still works.. but the numeric keypad and channel up and down are dead.

I'm feeling very emotional today... I can feel tears and heavy sighs forming from a song that's playing on the radio. (See music)

ponder....I've been thinking what kids with my sweetheart might be like. I think that odds are for beauty, intelligence, and deep feeling. Let's do an average - even out the height.... 5' 10" tall as an adult, probably a tall kid. Beautiful Brown or Blue Eyes... Let's go with Brown/hazel. Blue is a recessive trait... though there's lots of Irish and German in there. Odds slightly higher for a female. Long hair a very high probability, if only of mama and papa braid & brush factor. Thick Copper hair with reddish highlights. Cuddly... will probably prefer laps to chairs. Lots of energy. Inquisitive / Curious/ Probably more than a bit Smart-alec-y, but polite when required. A reader. Healthy as a horse. Mischievous monkey. Will know the words to lots and lots of songs before she can read. Talented.

One can only wonder how accurate or not that'll be. I know in my heart that there'll be lots of love, though, from all sides.
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