January 16th, 2003

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Ah, goody good. Today's my appointment, and no weird commands to cancel have come through to me yet.

W-2s are due by 1/31/03, but my confidence isn't the best when it comes to HR and accounting working together. They dislike one another, so instead of them being professional about it, they just don't communicate... to the detriment of the company. I've had to maintain my own records just to be sure of everything, should one or both of them cause some sort of screw up. My opinion is that if they can't get along with one another, then either one or both should seek another means of employment.

On the good news side... A record number of manatees was found off the east coast of Florida this year, although state researchers downplayed the results. It does look like that they're going to be upgraded from endangered to threatened as a species.

Search teams found 1,695 manatees off the east coast last week, an 11 percent increase over the count in 2001, the best previous year. Statewide, they found 2,861 manatees, up from last year but down from the year before. State researchers said the counts vary widely from year to year, depending partly on weather and water visibility, rather than the health of the manatee population.

That's a good sign... I'll get some sea-cow piccies yet. Seriously, I think manatees are a very nifty animal to have in my neighborhood. My upcoming walks are going to be canal-side again. Now that it's dipping into the 60s at night, they'll be heading into the warmer water, which means closer to where I am. (The shallows, in the sun).

Newt's looking a little lean this morning... I guess it's because he's stretched, and not curled up.
Newt! What-cha lookin' at? A bird or bug, outside?
Kind lady

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Written in the waiting room, before playing bookwork for the palm instead.

(Cartoon as if photo taken from Soap watching woman's perspective)

Productive, though time-consuming doctor trip.

Depending on how things go in the coming months, I may not need my CPAP any more, and my back situation is looking quite promising for a solution there, too. Some surgical decisions to be made.

They're thinking about reworking to Celebrex from Prednisone in the meantime...works for me, I don't like having narcotics like percoset, and steroids are only a short term fix. I have to call the doctor's office tomorrow, so the insurance can get moving.

Cool thing about my new doctor's office... two blocks away, uncrowded, and there's a flock of red-headed green parrots that was right outside, more vibrant, unlike the all green ones by my old place in Pompano. Nests, example head shot
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Thinking of my sweetheart today (every day, of course), and wondering about blue jays and cardinals. Something sparked the sound of her laughter in my memory, and it made me smile broadly.

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